Waste and water treatment facility that benefits from spray nozzles for odor control

Nozzles for Odor Control

Industrial, food processing, chemical, paper processing, and other industries may create foul odors that enter workspaces or are expelled as exhaust gasses. These odors can lower the air quality for workers and the public or may become absorbed by manufactured products and other materials. Lechler offers odor control nozzles that can reduce, neutralize, or mask odors in operations. Our engineered nozzles fit into your processes, workstation areas, and gas streams to spray water and other liquids at the desired distribution and flow rates to target odor molecules. Let us help you find the right nozzles for odor control in your operations.

Nozzles for Odor Control

The type of spray nozzles used for odor control will depend on the strength of the odor, how the odor travels, and the coverage area. In certain situations, the odor may come from off-gassing materials in a specific location, such as a holding tank, which will later go through processing. Other instances may involve odors that enter gas streams that will be expelled as exhaust into the environment, or created during production processes that can lower the nearby air quality for workers.

Industry Areas for Wash Water Nozzles

1. Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater that will later be treated can contain odors caused by hydrogen sulfide, amines, sulfur dioxide, and other chemicals. These chemicals can lower the air quality for communities located near these treatment plants.

2. Landfills and Waste Management

Waste materials can create foul odors while decomposing, as these odors can become worse when machinery handles or moves the materials around the work area.

3. Industrial Facilities

Industrial plants may have holding tanks that contained substances that possessed strong odors. These odors must be removed during cleaning processes when other materials will be later stored in the tank.

4. Food Processing

Production, processing, and waste treatment operations in the food industry can create unpleasant odors that can lower the indoor air quality for workers, which impact productivity.

5. Pulp & Paper Industry

Pulp and paper industries create odors from a wide range of processes, including total reduced sulfur (TRS) gaseous compounds, as these odors need to be neutralized.

6. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

These two industries may create foul odors during manufacturing processes or when venting out exhaust into the environment.

7. Pollution Control

Many other industries may seek out odor control nozzle solutions to prevent polluted air and gasses from entering the environment that can impact the health of people and the environment.

Benefits of Odor Control Nozzles

Odor control nozzles are designed to either cover over the odor, neutralize the odor, or absorb the odor. These three results will dictate the type of nozzle, its flow rate, and the droplet sizes.

Nozzles that cover over the odor will expel a liquid substance that has a stronger and more pleasant smell to mask the odor. Neutralizing nozzles will typically spray a chemical designed to break down the odor molecules, dispersing them to lessen the overpowering odor. Absorbent spray nozzles use water to absorb the odors present and remove them from gas streams. Common types of spray nozzles used for these applications include hollow cone, full cone, and pneumatic atomizing nozzles.

Why Choose Lechler for Your Spray Nozzles?

When processing waste, paper, chemicals, or other materials, companies require nozzles that can provide the desired droplet sizes at varying flow rates which will not clog or wear out during daily use. Here at Lechler, our spray nozzle products are designed using strong materials that won't clog as they are tailored made based on your industry and specific operations. Learn more by contacting us today.