SCR Process

Selective catalytic reduction

With the selective catalytic reaction (SCR), achieving a high separation efficiency is possible only with the aid of a catalyst. Due to the high concentration of dust, such a solution requires special precautions to keep the efficiency high and catalyst waste low. The reagent is added immediately before the catalyst using the nozzle lance in a temperature window appropriate for the reaction.

Entstickung SCR

Our solution

Depending on the customer’s process design, Lechler provides the appropriate nozzle lances and where necessary, the injection system as well.

In order to ensure complete evaporation within the short distance, Lechler has developed twin-fluid nozzles with extremely fine droplet spectra and precise controllability. The 1AW-nozzles meet the demands placed on them excellently and have already proven their worth in use.

Highlighted Products

Nozzle lances and systems for denitrification

Nozzle lances and systems for denitrification

For complying with limit values

Lechler nozzle lances and systems for different specified limits, which can grow modularly to meet your specific requirements.

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