Spiral Spray Nozzles

spiral nozzles for industrial uses

Industries may deal with varying applications where regular spray nozzles cannot provide adequate operation. They may want to cool temperatures or deal with an environment where there are windy conditions or a lot of moving air as they need larger liquid droplets. Other times, the process needs to interact with the sprayed liquid more fully. In these instances, spiral spray nozzles can provide more effective outcomes for the applications. At Lechler, we understand that every process is different and may need varying spray system solutions that integrate with current equipment. Learn more about spiral spray nozzles and their benefits.

Spiral Spray Nozzles

Spiral spray nozzles have a tapered nozzle that has a corkscrew shape in design. This design allows for more liquids to pass through unimpeded as the fluid shears off to create multiple concentric cones with coarser droplets.

Two types of spray patterns can be produced: hollow cone and full cone. Hollow cone nozzles will have coarse droplets around the outer edge. Full cone nozzles will have coarser droplets along the outer edges with finer droplets along the inside of the spray pattern. Spray angles can range from 30 degrees to 180 degrees depending on the size and design of the spiral spray nozzles.

Benefits of the Spiral Spray Nozzles

Spiral spray nozzles are ideal for liquids that have larger particulates added as they provide an even distribution of droplets without clogging. With the higher discharge velocity, they can be used in environments that have windy conditions or lots of air movement without shearing in any undesired direction.

If you are dealing with excess heat, gas cooling, or pollution control, the spiral spray nozzles can create larger droplets that can effectively pull the heat from the air. For other applications where you want droplets to interact with a process that will in the end create smaller droplets, spiral spray nozzles are ideal.

Applications for Fire Suppression Nozzles

Spiral spray nozzle technologies may have a UL listing to be used as fire suppression nozzles. They can deal with fires that may occur during the operational day.

The coaster droplets at high velocities can remove the oxygen from the air that is a fuel source for the flames. The spiral spray nozzles can also help to lower the temperatures in the environment to extinguish the fire or help to prevent the fire from spreading to allow workers to escape.

Fire protection nozzles can be used in a variety of industries such as oil and gas, chemical, food processing, and many others. They are suitable for places where equipment will not become seriously damaged from the coarser and larger droplet sizes.

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