Misting Spray Nozzles

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Companies may have applications or work areas that require a certain humidity or moisture level. They may also deal with airborne particles, such as dust, which can hamper operations or impact the health of employees. Misting spray nozzles create very fine water droplets to cool off applications, maintain humidity levels, and remove dust from the air. Here at Lechler, we offer misting nozzles that can produce a fine mist or fog for your specific application.

Misting Nozzle

Misting nozzles are designed to create very fine water droplets or fog that hangs in the air and slowly moves to the ground due to gravity. The buoyancy of the mist allows the water droplets to interact with the air longer, which can then cool off the indoor temperatures or adhere to dust particles until becoming heavy enough to drop to the ground. The design of the nozzle also allows for an even distribution and size to the water droplets when misting applications, such as plants.

Misting nozzles can be used for a wide range of applications. They can maintain the freshness and quality of plants in greenhouses or produce in stores, be used for airborne dust elimination, or cool down indoor temperatures. Certain industries also use misting nozzles for fire suppression as well as for snowmaking applications.

Factors that Influence Misting Spray Patterns

Misting spray nozzles will start to have a full cone or hollow cone spray pattern close to the nozzle orifice. As the droplets move farther away from the nozzle, they become more scattered to create a fine mist or fog that shifts in all directions. So the distance between the nozzle and the application plays an important factor. If the distance is too short, water-sensitive applications may become overly soaked.

Another factor to consider is spray angle and clogging. The misting nozzle's position may create water to collect along the orifice and drip from the nozzle. Clogs from additives to the liquid may also clog the nozzle orifice when there is a lack of proper cleaning. Using nozzles with anti-drip solutions can typically rectify this issue.

Why Choose a Misting Nozzle?

Misting nozzles are ideal when you want to both cool the temperatures in the workspace as well as add moisture in dry environments. They also are ideal when having sensitive equipment or applications that can become seriously damaged by a lot of water, as misting nozzles can cool off spaces or provide fire suppression benefits without drenching equipment.

Fine Mist or Fog

The design of the misting spray nozzles will dictate whether you get a fine mist of liquid or a fog for your applications. These designs consist of using small openings or an impingement mechanism.

Small opening designs help to create a fine mist. The liquid shears through these openings at lower pressures, as a narrower spray pattern is produced.

An impingement design utilizes a small pin right at the opening of the nozzle. The water strikes the pin and deflects to create a broader spray angle. By deflecting the droplets, the water droplets come out more as a fog for applications.

Choosing the Right Nozzle with Lechler

Lechler offers a wide range of pneumatic atomizing nozzles and hydraulic atomizing nozzles like our VarioSpray products that have flat fan, full cone, and hollow cone spray designs. We also offer mist elimination systems for greater control of the mist levels in operations. When you are looking for the best nozzle solutions, consider the application, liquid flow rates, and spray designs. For more information, contact us today.


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