Scientists are distilling the solution to separate condensate, vacuum distillation

Vacuum Distillation Spray Nozzles

Oil and petroleum industries create bulk process streams of fluids through operations. These bulk process streams will contain multiple components and compounds that need to be separated into individual parts. While using heat could separate the compounds, the hydrocarbon in the process stream will react negatively to these high temperatures. Vacuum distillation spray nozzles can be used in distillation processes to help spate compounds and components in a safer manner. Found out how Lechler can provide the right nozzle systems for all your oil and petroleum operations.


Nozzles for Vacuum Distillation

Spray nozzles for vacuum distillation help to evenly spray the process liquids to obtain higher surface area contact within the vacuum distillation unit. As the process liquid evaporates, the evaporation rate becomes increased. Due to not using any heat, the high carbon fractions in the bulk process stream can separate without cooking as the vacuum generated in the chamber helps to lower the liquid's temperatures.


Vacuum Distillation Nozzle Applications

Petrochemical and oil industries often utilize vacuum distillation nozzles for their process streams. The nozzles can also be found in applications such as chemical processing, chemical distillation towers, and ethanol and biodiesel drying.

Other industries that use water or wastewater in processes where the water becomes contaminated may also use vacuum distillation as a way to remove unwanted particles. These nozzles can also be used in vacuum towers that contain packing material. The nozzles wet the material as gas passes through the packing. This process removes the particles from the gas stream when the gas becomes vented as exhaust to assist with pollution control.

Benefits of Spray Nozzles for Vacuum Distillation

Spray nozzles are most often utilized in vacuum distillation due to greater control of the flow rate, droplet size, and angle of the liquid. You can position the nozzles to ensure an even distribution throughout the chamber so the droplets have a greater exposure area for each droplet.

In addition, droplet size can be controlled to a finer mist to increase evaporation even throughout the chamber. With spray nozzles, they can be used to separate particles that will be used in other operations, for pollution control, and for washing water cleaning of storage and process tanks.

Why Choose Lechler for Your Spray Nozzles?

Lechler provides a range of nozzles and spray patterns, including full cone and fan cone, to provide reliable products for a range of industrial operations. The nozzles are engineered for specific processes and workstations to complement existing systems. The nozzles are made from high-grade materials that prevent clogging and corrosion while handling the daily wear-and-tear experienced with high volume processes.

We also work with a range of industries to provide nozzles for their varying processes, including oil & gas, chemical, water & wastewater, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, mining, automotive, and agricultural -- just to name a few. To learn more about our spray nozzles products and systems, contact Lechler today.