Spray Technology For Building Materials Industry

Industrial spray nozzle Spray Technology For Building

Building materials manufacturers produce a range of materials that are used in the construction industry to build various types of structures and projects. These materials undergo varying processes that may require the application of liquids to cool gasses, transport materials to other workstations, perform high-pressure cleanings, or apply coatings. Lechler provides spray technology for the building materials industry so you can create high-quality materials efficiently. We ensure that your spray technologies work with existing workstation processes to further automate processes.


Benefits of Spray Technology for Building Materials Manufacturing


Spray nozzles offer efficient methods to perform certain tasks by automating redundant work. It offers a safe method to apply water and other liquids safely in processes that may be harmful to workers if they perform the work manually. The spray technology offers greater control of the flow rate, velocity, and distribution of the liquid droplets, ensuring even coverage. Our technologies also offer a reliable means to conserve water resources, allowing you to use less in processes.



Worker in yellow hazmat suit using Spray Technology For Building

Common Applications


Common applications will be based on the building materials that are made by the manufacturer. For example, the cement manufacturing industry requires spray nozzles for high-pressure cleaning of clinker coolers and rotary kilns. Cement deposits can accumulate on surfaces. High-pressure water sprays help remove materials without needing workers to perform the cleanings manually.


The cement manufacturing industry may also rely on spray technology for dust suppression and gas cooling. Gas cooling requires both temperature and humidity control. The spray nozzles help to atomize the water into a fine mist that draws out the heat and disperses it from the gas flow info gas conditioning towers. When it comes to dust suppression, atomized water sprays help to remove dust in the air and from workstations.


Other applications may involve the application of water or other liquids in the engineered wood manufacturing industry. Building materials may require wetting before undergoing further processes, as spray nozzles allow for the appropriate moisture level without oversaturating the material's surface. These nozzles may also apply a range of liquids such as waxes, resins, and others to apply it to panels and other wood materials.


Cost Savings for Automated Systems


Manual processes require workers to be pulled from their stations to perform tasks by hand. Depending on the application, this can be both dangerous and cost-prohibitive for your company. By automating these processes, companies can reduce the amount of manual labor required, which can help to improve worker safety and reduce the risk of injuries or accidents on the job. 


In addition, automating processes can help to improve the consistency and quality of the materials being produced, which can lead to better overall results in the construction projects that use these materials. You can instantly adjust flow rates and distribution of liquids for the workstation. You can lower your utility costs and water waste which is a benefit to the company's established budget.


Here at Lechler, we offer spray technology in various designs. Whether you are looking for turnkey solutions or a more customized design, we can provide spray systems that will enhance your operations. Contact us today to learn more.