Industrial equipment to scrub pollutants from smokestack gases, with Pollution Control Spray Nozzles

Spray Nozzles for Pollution Control

Chemical manufacturers and other industries that produce gasses in exhaust deal with controlling their level of emissions into the environment. Such toxic gas emissions can pollute the land and water resources as well as impact the health of people living in the vicinity. These emissions can also create negative effects on the climate.

Lechler understands the importance of pollution control systems as we offer pollution control nozzles that integrate into your company's operations. Turn to our turnkey and customized nozzle solutions when you desire to implement sustainability practices into your processes.

Benefits of a Pollution Control Spray System

Pollution control spray systems allow companies to take a proactive approach to the amount of nitrogen oxide gas (NOx), sulfur oxide (SOx) gas, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other substances that may enter flue gasses, processed water, and air resources. These solutions are designed to capture the gas particles and disperse them from the exhausted air/water. Pollution control spray nozzles are typically placed in downstream processes.

Common Applications for Pollution Control Spray Systems

Types of applications that benefit from pollution control spray systems will depend on their processes and how the pollutants enter the air and water resources through processes. Here are some common applications for our spray nozzles.

Gas Scrubbing

Gas scrubbing involves the use of spray nozzles to propel water, liquids, or slurries through flue gasses to remove toxic gasses. The nozzles may also provide odor control for waste, exhausted gas, or process streams to improve the air quality for workers inside manufacturing and processing operations. Additional gas scrubbing processes may use ammonia solutions to absorb NOx that becomes produced from combustion equipment.

Air Stripping

Air stripping involves the use of mixing contaminated water with air to remove the pollutants from the water stream. The nozzles are designed to provide a wide surface area so that more of the water comes in contact with the air. Types of contaminants that may be removed include trihalomethanes and VOCs.

Toxic Gas Mitigation

When storing toxic gas in storage containers, the possibility of leaks can happen. If a leak occurs, pollution control spray nozzles can activate to create a deluge of water that covers the storage container or tanker to disperse the gas from the air. This type of protective water system allows workers to implement emergency protocols to fix the storage tank.

Recommended Nozzles for Pollution Air Control

Spray nozzles are designed to fit into workstation processes based on when the pollutants enter the air or water stream. Common pollution control nozzles consist of twin cone nozzles that allow for the mixing of water and air and hollow cone nozzles for gas cooling towers to lower the temperatures as this method also lowers the amount of excess toxic gas that becomes produced in processes. Flat fan nozzle lances are commonly used for flue gas desulfurization as they provide the best placement in flue ducts.

If you are looking for customized or off-the-shelf spray nozzles for pollution control methods, reach out to Lechler. We offer a range of nozzles based on your industry and applications.

Highlighted Products

Twin Fluid Nozzles

Twin fluid nozzles have an internal mixing chamber inside that combines gas and liquid to form an intensive dual-phase mixture. 

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Hollow Cone Nozzles

A hollow cone spray nozzle produces the smallest droplet size of any purely hydraulic nozzle. The spiral grooves in the swirl inserts of these nozzles ensure an efficient whirling of the liquid which creates uniform droplets throughout. Tangential hollow cone nozzles contain no inserts and the liquid flows at a right angle, which then creates a whirling rotation inside the nozzle chamber. These nozzles are less prone to clogging.

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Flat Fan Nozzles

Lechler flat fan nozzles stand for high impact and uniform liquid distribution with spray angles up to 60°. Flat fan nozzles with low flow rates are especially suited for humidifying and spraying in general. The flow geometry of the nozzle allows the production of accurate, compact sprays, available with different distribution patterns.

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