Spray Nozzles for Pasteurization

Milk pasteurization system

Pasteurization is a food and beverage process where heat is used to eliminate bacteria and pathogens in products. For many manufacturers, the use of spray nozzles for pasteurization is essential for better heat control and cooling while ensuring efficient operations. Lechler offers a wide variety of spray nozzles tailored to the food and beverage industries, as our pasteurization spray nozzles are designed and engineered to fully integrate into new and existing equipment infrastructures.

Spray Nozzles for Pasteurization

Spray nozzles are employed within two phases of the pasteurization process: the heating application and the cooling application. Spray tunnels hold multiple nozzles as they direct hot fluids down onto products inside packaging. These nozzles are placed at different angles to provide full coverage of the product for optimal heat transfer.

Once the product reaches the ideal temperature, this temperature range is maintained for a specific time to impact the microbes that may be present in the food or beverage product. Then the product moves to the cooling stage where nozzles spray water droplets that transfer the heat from the product to cool it.

Nozzle Features for Pasteurization

Hollow cone, flat cone, and full cone nozzles are the most common spray patterns used in the pasteurization process. Flat cone nozzles can be used for the cooling stages to remove the heat from products and the washing of tanks or packaging. Hollow cone and full cone nozzles provide even distribution of water droplets to surround products during the pasteurization process to maintain the right temperatures. To ensure the full coverage of products, multiple spray patterns may overlap.

Benefits of Nozzles for Pasteurization

With the use of Lechler spray nozzles for pasteurization, you have greater control of flow rates and pressure to ensure products are not damaged while reaching high temperatures. You can adjust flow rates to further conserve water while still getting an optimal level of consistent water droplet size and coverage across the product's surface.

Our nozzles work with both low and high pressures to ensure even droplet distribution. Designed with high quality materials, the nozzles resist corrosion while providing both ant clogging and anti-drip protection. Companies can conserve water without impacting the efficiency of operations with lechler spray nozzles.

Choosing the Right Nozzle with Lechler

Lechler spray nozzles provide a variety of uses for multiple industries including food and beverage, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, and many others. Coating processes, gas cooling, air inlet cooling, humidification, tank washing, fire suppression, and chemical mixing are some applications that can benefit from using our nozzles. Before selecting a spray nozzle, consider the application, flow rates, droplet sizes, pressures, and liquid types that will be used. You should also consider the new or existing equipment setup and available space for spray nozzle installation to select the right nozzles. For more info about Lechler spray nozzles, contact us today to discuss your project.


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