Exemplary applications in the shipbuilding industry

The number of applications of nozzles and droplet separators in modern shipping is almost as huge as the oceans of our earth. Purification of exhaust gases to protect the environment, clear visibility for crew and passengers, containment of fires, cleaning and cooling of superstructures and decks – these are just a few examples of Lechler products in the shipbuilding industry.

Fire protection


– Hatch covers

– Lifeboats

– Ship sides

– Ammunition rooms

– Helicopter landing decks

Fire protection in the shipbuilding industry
CBRN measures (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear)


– Object protection

– Surface cleaning

NBC measures in the shipbuilding industry
Scrubber/gas cooling


– Scrubber

– Urea injection

– Gas tank

– Exhaust gas pipe

Scrubber/gas cooling in the shipbuilding industry


– Windows

– Grey/black water tank

– Anchor chain

– Droplet separator

– Scrubber (internal cleaning)

Cleaning in the shipbuilding industry


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