Snowmaking (Nucleation)

Mountain lodges and resorts rely on the winterly weather to develop enough snowpack for the tourists to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snow tubing, and other outdoor activities. If the forecast shows cold temperatures without precipitation, resorts will make snow through the process of nucleation. Nucleation involves growing crystals from using liquids, solutions, or vapor until it becomes a crystallin pattern and finally turns into a solid. Spray nozzles for snowmaking (nucleation) application allows resorts to control the amount of snow they can generate for mountain slopes and trails. Here at Lechler, we provide spray nozzles for snowmaking operations.


Benefits of Nozzles for Snowmaking

Several different types of spray nozzles are used to begin the nucleation process for snowmaking. The first set of nozzles atomize the water droplets that are sprayed into the air to create a fine mist. These small droplets form the nucleus of a snowflake. A second set of nozzles generate larger water droplets that will freeze around the mist. As the larger droplets freeze, they form the crystalline outer structure of the snowflake.

By using spray nozzles for the snowmaking (nucleation) application, you ensure that the generation of snowflakes at an even spray and distribution. You allow for the water droplets to be the right size for merging and combining into the desired crystal pattern.

Common Uses for Snowmaking Nozzles

Snowmaking nozzles are commonly used in the recreation industry to create snow in specific locations along mountain slopes. They combine the nozzles that are attached to lances and spray guns with blowers that help push the snowflakes out to cover the ground. Smaller commercial companies are also investing in snowmaking equipment to offer to the public for personal activities. These spray nozzles may be used to generate snow at parties and special occasions.

Local and state municipalities, museums, amusement parks, and zoos may also use snowmaking equipment when hosting special occasions, events, or festivals outdoors. The snowmaking equipment may be used to generate snow to create a wintry environment to set a specific mood. Ice sculpture fests may also employ snowmaking nozzles to help keep the environment at the right temperature for the sculptures.

Important Factors to Consider

Snowmaking is a two-step process that requires different nozzles to generate varying droplet sizes. Fan nozzles, full cone, and hollow cone nozzles may all be used on spray guns and lances.

Both hollow cone and full cone nozzles can be used for air atomization for create small and very small water droplets for form fog and mist. These same nozzles can also be used without atomization to generate even flow rates of nozzles and solutions for snow generation. Fan nozzles may be used on to direct the water spray toward specific locations.

The nozzles can handle low flow rates of water and solutions containing particulate matter without clogging. They generate the desired droplet sizes to begin the process of nucleation when necessary for outdoor purposes.


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