Marine Gas Scrubbing Nozzles

Marine vessels used for commercial, cruise, yachts, and naval ships create sulfur dioxide (SO2) or sulfur trioxide (SO3) in combustion boilers and engines that enter exhaust gasses and combine with other elements to create harmful sulfuric acid that enters the air. To lower these gas emissions, marine gas scrubbing nozzles are used. These nozzles are designed to capture and minimize these So2 and SO3 gasses in flue emissions.

Nozzles for Marine Gas Scrubbing

The International Maritime Organization is constantly introducing and updating their regulations in regards to marine vessel emissions that can harm people and the environment. Marine gas scrubbing is a necessary pollution control application to remove particulates and excessive gasses created by higher temperatures. These nozzles can be used with freshwater treated with alkaline solutions or seawater for scrubbing purposes.

Application Areas for Gas Scrubbing Nozzles

There are various areas where gas scrubbing nozzles may be used including urea injection, gas tanks, scrubbers, and exhaust gas pipes. Urea injection involves adding urea and ammonia into the exhaust stream to reduce NOx. Scrubbers are used to remove contaminants in equipment and process gasses.

Gas scrubber nozzles may also be found in gas tanks to remove entrained liquids from vapor streams to prevent filter elements from becoming overloaded. Exhaust gas pipes may utilize gas scrubbers to remove the sulfur from fuel.

Solutions for Different Types of Ships

Gas scrubbing nozzles may provide different solutions to ships based on type and usage. Commercial ships on long and short voyages as they move shipping containers between ports may use gas scrubbers using seawater to remove pollutants as the liquid becomes scrubbing water. Cruise ships also deploy scrubbers to remove pollutants from exhaust gas, mainly nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide.

For smaller yachts, marine gas scrubbers may be employed for fuel tank cleaning. Naval ships use marine scrubbers as part of their washing towers to lower acidic micro-pollutant concentrations created during the combustion process.

Other Marine Nozzle Applications

Marine nozzles can be used in numerous other applications. If a fire occurs, full cone nozzles that are a part of fire protection systems can be used to contain and put out fires to protect workers and guests. Marine nozzles can also be used for cleaning equipment. You may also find spray nozzles for nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) measures during ship building.

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