Wash Water Injection Nozzles

Wash Water Injection Nozzles

Chemical, oil, gas, petrochemical, and other industries that rely on power generation or piping liquids may contain particles that are unwanted in processes. These particulates may come from processing operations or be contained within the gas or chemicals themselves. To remove the contaminants, processing and refinery applications use wash water injection systems. Here at Lechler, we offer turnkey and customized nozzles for these systems to be used in a variety of industries.

Nozzles for Wash Water Injection

Contaminants can corrode and degrade piping and processing equipment if they are left within gas streams and process streams. This degradation can cause malfunctions and premature failure of equipment, which raises the repair and replacement costs of equipment. Also, chemicals and processed fuels may contain unwanted solids that must be removed before further processing occurs. Separating the particulates is necessary for operations.

Wash water injection places wash water into gas streams and process lines. The nozzles allow for even distribution into the streams. As the water becomes atomized, it reaches every area to reach every gas and process stream surface. The contaminants and solid particulates are removed so further processing of the chemicals and liquids can take place in petroleum and petrochemical plants.

Application Areas for Wash Water Nozzles

Wash water injection nozzles may be found in the following applications and industries.

1. Scrubbing Crude Oil: Gas scrubbing involves placing a gas stream into contact with liquid. When the gas passes through, specific gaseous particles get trapped into the liquid.

2. Removing Particles from a Stream: larger residual particles may be present in vapor streams or gas streams as wash water injection removes these particles.

3. Natural Gas Pipelines: Wash water injection can be used to lower NOx emissions and for corrosion control in gas recovery units (GRUs).

4. Petrochemical Processing Plants: Salt deposits can form in petrochemical processing as wash water injection prevents their formation.

5. Petroleum Pipelines: The continuous injection of wash water is used to remove corrosive buildup and prevent buildup from forming.

6. Petroleum Refineries: Wash water is used for hydrotreating and hydrocracking units to remove salt, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide that can cause plugging.

7. Petroleum Processing Plants: Similar to refineries, wash water is used to remove particulates and corrosive substances in a process called sour water treatment.

Benefits of Wash Water Injection Nozzles

Wash water nozzles are designed to be easily installed and maintained in injection systems. The materials resist corrosion environments to provide the necessary flow rate of wash water into applications. Nozzles can also be designed to handle varying temperatures, pressures, velocities, and process pipe sizes to ensure even distribution and water flow control.

Why Choose Lechler for Your Spray Nozzles

Lechler provides a variety of spray nozzle sizes and spray patterns to accommodate specific wash water injection processes for upstream and downstream applications. Our nozzles can provide droplets sizes ranging from large, medium, small, very fine, and atomizing sprays. Companies can take advantage of these nozzles to successfully remove particles and other contaminants that may interfere with the refinery and processing equipment. Contact Lechler today.