Inner powder from a capsule pill from spray drying nozzles/tech

Spray Drying Nozzles

Manufacturing commercial and industrial products often requires changing the product from a liquid to a powder form. Powdered eggs, powdered milk, medication, and household cleaning products will undergo a process called spray drying. Spray drying utilizes heat to change a liquid into a solid or semi-solid product with varying characteristics and moisture levels. At Lechler, we offer spray drying nozzles/tech for manufacturers to provide precise control of the spray drying process.

Nozzles for Spray Drying

The spray drying process consists of taking a liquid product and ejecting it into a heated stream. The available heat rapidly dries the liquid until it forms into particles that are free flowing. The resulting particles are collected for further processing, storage, or packaging.

Spray nozzles are designed to accommodate a wide range of liquid characteristics as it goes into the drying process. The liquids or liquid slurries may have varying viscosities, requiring a spray nozzle that can pride an even spray distribution without clogging or wearing down. The heat specified at the specific temperature range surrounds the liquid droplets and evaporates the moisture to the point where a particle forms.

These particles will contain varying consistencies based on what it will be used for as the finished product. Some powders will have a tackiness due to retaining some moisture. Other particles will be free-flowing or be later dissolved in water (hydrophilic) when placed into use.

Application Areas for Spray Drying Nozzles

Spray drying nozzles can be used for a variety of industries. Some industries include pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food & beverage, additive manufacturing, electronics, personal & home care, pet foods, petrochemicals, specialty chemicals, aerospace, and automotive, and many others. Common products made from the spray drying process include detergents, medication, cheese, instant coffee, powdered metals, and vitamins.

Benefits of Spray Drying

Spray drying allows for the liquid to be atomized into very small droplets that can more easily enter the heated air stream and quickly form into particles. The heated air surrounds the liquid, allowing for a more even drying process. Other materials may also be added at the same time for blending, as workers can control the heat levels and spray angles to create the desired sizes for the particles. The spray nozzles allow for unimpeded flow rates when the liquid may have different consistencies.

Why Choose Lechler for Your Spray Nozzles

Spray drying nozzles/tech should be high strength, high temperature resistant, and high wear resistant. Lechler offers a variety of spray nozzles to accommodate varying industries and processes, including hollow cone and atomizing full cone nozzles, that are easily installed and integrated into existing processes. Our nozzles are specially designed and engineered to be easily configured to your operational specifications while reducing maintenance and wear on components. Contact our company today to learn more about the spray drying process and to discuss our available products.