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Spray Nozzles for the Energy Industry

Petroleum, oil, gas, wind, and solar industries offer renewable and non-renewable energy products that must undergo refinement processes. These processes may involve desulfurization, gas scrubbing, panel cleaning, air cooling, humidification, and dust control. While the processes will differ between energy industries, each sector requires efficient and reliable spray nozzles. Lechler provides spray nozzles for the energy industry in a range of sizes, control features, and systems to fit your application. Learn more about the benefits of spray nozzles in the energy sector and the types of nozzles that are available.

Benefits of Spray Nozzles for the Energy Industry

Renewable and non-renewable energy companies rely on equipment that provides greater control when dealing with excess heat, toxic gasses, and enormous amounts of dirt or grime. Spray nozzles are designed based on the application to provide an even distribution of droplets at the desired flow rate for low-pressure and high-pressure applications. Companies gain nozzles with a constant distribution of droplets at the desired sizes, even fine mist, with minimal clogging, as the nozzle materials are able to handle abrasive and corrosive environments. Obtain an even distribution of liquids over the application when necessary. In addition, automatic spray nozzle systems improve workplace safety while helping to speed up production processes.

Common Applications

The energy sector has varying applications that require automatic spray nozzle solutions for efficient operations. Here are some common uses for non-renewables, wind, solar, and energy storage applications.


Non-renewables such as gas, coal, oil, or fossil fuels, require air and gas cooling techniques to control temperatures as well as the amount of toxic gas that is produced before the gas is exhausted back into the environment. Spray nozzles systems can be found for gas cooling and conditioning, controlling NOx and nitrogen oxide emissions, inlet air cooling, and for flue gas desulfurization. The spray nozzles ensure that non-renewable energy companies meet environmental standards for gas emissions while making processes more productive.

Wind power 

Wind power applications must deal with grime, dirt, and ice that can slow down the propellers and other equipment on the wind turbines. Spray nozzles systems can perform thorough cleanings of the blades and keep them clean during full operation. Spray nozzles also help de-ice the blades during the winter.

Solar energy

Solar energy also requires cleaning solutions to prevent panels from becoming damaged or disabled due to outdoor dust and dirt. The nozzles provide an even spray to remove the grime without damaging the panels. In addition, spray nozzle technologies keep solar panels cool to prevent material damage.

Energy storage 

Energy storage solutions focus on controlling the humidity levels in warehouses and other storage facilities when dealing with lithium materials. Lithium materials can become severely degraded. Spray nozzles provide air-atomized droplets for better humidity control.

Recommended Nozzles for Optimizing Spray Performance

Spray nozzles for the energy sector should provide ease of use as well as simple installation and maintenance while providing even coverage in even tight spaces. Nozzle lances and mist eliminator systems offer increased air and gas quality control, provide comprehensive cleanings, and offer air atomization solutions. For more information regarding our spray nozzle technologies, contact us today.