Spray Nozzles for Disinfecting

electrostatic cleaning, using a water and solution tank and a specialized nozzle for disinfecting

Liquid disinfecting applications are prominent for most industries where there may be pathogens or bacteria that could harm workers, customers, or be introduced into products. Spray nozzles allow for easier application of disinfectants to sanitize workstations, tanks, restrooms, and other areas. It is vital to select the right nozzle to ensure the proper application of disinfectants.

Spray Nozzles for Disinfecting

Spray nozzles for disinfecting can be categorized based on the type of disinfectant used, how the disinfectant will be sprayed so the product can work effectively, and the environment. You want nozzles that can effectively atomize the liquid into the smallest droplets while also evenly distributing them over the desired application area.

Compact Area Disinfection Nozzles

Compact area disinfection nozzles are used in spaces to perform spot sanitizing, such as equipment, worktables, containers, and other surfaces. Mobile nozzles and automated nozzle systems may be employed for these applications.

Medium Area Disinfection Nozzles

Medium Area disinfection nozzles are used in small storage areas, workstations, or enclosed spaces. Misting and fogging nozzles are attached to ceilings and/pr walls to provide a wider distribution of atomized droplets into the air.

Wide Area Disinfection Nozzles

Wide area disinfection nozzles rely on high liquid flow rates to spray atomized disinfectant into large open spaces. These nozzles ensure that droplets reach desired areas for even coverage.

Applications for Disinfecting

Disinfecting applications will vary based on industry. Yet most companies will employ some form of spray nozzle for use in workers' common areas, such as break rooms, kitchens, cafeterias, and restrooms.

Storage and packaging applications may employ spray nozzles for disinfecting totes, tanks, and other containers. Spray nozzle systems are integrated into conveyor belt systems to disinfect bottles, cans, and plastic containers before products are placed inside during food and beverage operations.

Medium and large areas require disinfection to stop the spread of bacteria and other pathogens from damaging products. Clean rooms are used in chemical, medical, and semiconductor industries as disinfection chambers attached to clean rooms will spray atomized disinfectant on workers to sanitize personal protective gear and tools.

Medical industries require the use of disinfectants to sanitize medical equipment. Disinfectant chambers and stations will use spray nozzles on tools to coat every surface to ensure that all pathogens are destroyed.

Nozzle Features for Disinfecting

Spray nozzles are designed using strong and durable materials to prevent corrosion that could be caused by the differing strength of the disinfectant liquids. Hollow cone spray patterns are commonly used for small, medium, and large area disinfection as well as removing pathogens from personal workstations and for hand sanitizing.

Wide flat fan spray nozzles provide a delimited jet spray for directing disinfectants onto equipment that may sanitize surfaces, such as brushes used for boot and sole cleaning. They may also be used for tank and tote cleanings as the jet spray can reach tight corners and heavily solid surfaces.

Nozzles, such as the VarioSpray series, are also designed to work with low flow rates while still providing even distribution and coverage of atomized liquids. Anti-clogging features provide the free flow of liquids that may also contain additives while preventing water collecting at the orifice to cause drips.

Benefits of Nozzles for Disinfecting

An issue faced for many industries when engaging in disinfecting and sanitizing processes is uneven spray coverage due to varying flow rates. Spray nozzles for disinfecting provide superior designs and varying spray pattern options to ensure that operations obtain the right angle and spray distribution with both high and low flow rates.

Ensuring that the nozzle design matches the application allows companies to conserve water to reduce sanitizing costs without impacting the health and safety of workers and the public. Atomized liquids can achieve the widest coverage while still working effectively.

Choosing The Right Nozzle with Lechler

Lechler offers hollow cone, flat cone, and full cone spray nozzles for all your washing, disinfecting, and sanitizing operations. Our nozzles are designed to work with new and existing spray systems to provide easy integration and maintenance upkeep. Contact our company for more information.



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