Fire Protection Nozzles

In industrial settings, health and safety become paramount to protect workers, equipment, and processes.

However, fires can happen unexpectedly from a variety of causes. Spray nozzles for fire protection systems are designed for interior and exterior environments to control the spread of flames and provide opportunities for workers to shut down equipment, move employees to safe locations, and provide time for fire departments to arrive at the location.

Here at Lechler, we understand the importance of having functional and reliable spray nozzles at the ready in case of unexpected fire hazards. We design and test all spray nozzles to ensure they meet the highest standards. Learn more about spray nozzles used for fire protection.


Benefits of Fire Protection & Fire Suppression Nozzles

When a fire occurs, it can spread quickly through an industrial environment, creating massive damage, environmental dangers, and unsafe conditions for workers. Having the means to put the fire out quickly or control the spread until help arrives becomes paramount. In addition, industries such as oil or gas that have offshore rigs require fire protection systems to suppress fires since they cannot get immediate help from onshore fire departments.

Spray nozzles from Lechler provide an immediate means to control and suppress fires. The spray nozzles are designed to apply water or fire-suppression foams onto open flames automatically or through control panels operated by workers. By having the nozzles available as part of a fire protection system, companies have a way to proactively fight against the spread of fires. They can lessen the amount of damage that occurs to operations and protect workers.

Common Applications of Spray Nozzles for Fire Protection

Applications that use fire protection spray nozzles will depend on the type of fire hazards that are common for the workstation. The spray nozzles may cool off platforms, shield equipment from heat and open flames, remove toxic gasses after gas leaks are detected, and provide mist in areas where water-sensitive equipment or processes takes place.

Fire deluge systems will directly apply an enormous amount of water at a high rate directly onto open flames that may be present around equipment, tanks, and applications. These nozzles are designed to put out fires and cool off tanks and platforms immediately.

Water wall fire protection systems create a wall of water as a way to keep open flames away from workers, equipment, and processes. The nozzles spray the water as a shield that the flames cannot pass through while becoming extinguished.

Water mist protection systems have spray nozzles that offer fine mist applications for workstations that may have water-sensitive locations. The mist acts to put out the flame and prevent spread while not creating further damage to assets and other company resources.

Toxic gas mitigation spray nozzles are designed to prevent fires from occurring by filtering the air of toxic gas after a gas leak. The nozzles emit water that passes through the air as the water attaches to the gas as the droplets force the gas downward to the ground.

Offshore fire protection nozzles are designed for oil rigs to spray water or foam on applications, rig decks, and platforms. When a fire occurs, these systems become the first line of protection for workers.


Popular Spray Nozzles for Industrial Fire Protection

There are many common spray nozzles for fire protection systems. The type of nozzle to select will depend on the type of spray you want in the location, the flow rate, the droplet size, and the angle of the spray.

Full cone nozzles direct high amounts of liquid in an even distribution along a circular pattern. The nozzles are available in two types: axial flow, which is suitable for normal liquids, and tangential flow, which is designed for use when fire-suppression particulates are present in the liquid.

Other popular spray nozzles include a deflector plate and cluster head nozzles. Deflector-plate nozzles do not have swirl insets as they can provide broadcast spraying and firefighting spraying. Cluster head nozzles offer finely atomized liquids over a large surface.

For more information regarding spray nozzles used for fire protection, contact Lechler.

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Full Cone Nozzles

Full cone nozzles spray completely within the interior of a circular area.  There are two different styles of full cone nozzles:  Axial and Tangential. Axial full cone nozzles achieve a uniform distribution of liquid over a circular area. Tangential full cone nozzles have no internal vanes so they are less prone to clogging.

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Deflector-Plate Nozzles

Lechler deflector-plate nozzles are non-clogging nozzles without swirl inserts. It can be used for fire fighting and broadcast spraying.

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