Truck driving through mining quarry, using dust suppression nozzles

Spray Nozzles for Dust Control

Many industrial and commercial operations create unwanted dust that can get onto products, equipment, and workstations. This dust can hamper operations and create unhealthy working environments. Here at Lechler, we offer dust suppression nozzles that can remove the airborne particles to settle them onto services for collection, cleaning, and sterilization. Our products are designed to give reliable control and suppression results no matter the size or amount of dust particles that are present in the given space.

Dust Control Area Nozzles

Dust control nozzles are designed to provide water droplets at a specific size to allow dust particles to adhere to the droplets' surface. Once the dust particle becomes too heavy due to the extra weight of the water, gravity pushes the dust down until coming into contact with the floor or a collection device. These nozzles are commonly used for either dust suppression or dust control strategies.

These spray nozzles are designed for precise droplet size control. For many operations, working equipment may be sensitive to wetness or higher humidity levels. Spray nozzles can prevent excessive wetting while also taking into account environmental conditions that may be impacted by moving air, such as outdoor wind, blowing fans, or movable equipment.

Dust Control Applications

Applications that can find unique benefits from dust suppression and control nozzles will vary by the industry and operations. Some common industries that may use these nozzles include mining, agriculture, paper and milling, and waste management.

Other industrial and commercial operations may deal with dust generated from making products or performing services. Places where you may find spray nozzles may include furniture crafting, tile making, construction renovations or demolitions, warehouses, conveyor belts, metal working stations, and other applications.

Why Choose a Dust Control Nozzle

Dust control nozzles can be designed for various functions. They can be used to target airborne dust that is already in the working environment, or prevent dust from forming due to operations such as grinding rock during mining operations. They can be stationary equipment hanging over conveyor belts or dust collection equipment, or be attached to vehicles that carry water containers that require dust suppression along roads, pathways or moving work areas.

The dust control nozzles, such as flat fan, fine spray, and misting nozzles, can provide varying droplet sizes, as the droplets should be a similar size to the dust particle for proper adhesion without being too large or too small. Flat fan nozzles working with high flow rates provide even coverage over areas to wet surfaces for dust suppression. Fine spray nozzles may be deployed in places where the dust is created, such as when materials are placed into collection bins. Misting nozzles are suitable in places such as transfer points or high dust formation points.

Choose Lechler for Your Spray Nozzles

Lechler spray nozzles are designed to provide reliable dust control solutions while also offering water conservation benefits. We provide engineered spray solutions for various industries that include mining, power generation, chemical, and food & beverage. Reduce water waste while improving your work environment and operations by selecting from a wide range of spray nozzle products. Contact us today for more information.