Hollow Cone Spray Nozzle

Hollow cone nozzles come in two styles: axial-flow and tangential flow.

A hollow cone spray nozzle produces the smallest droplet size of any purely hydraulic nozzle. The spiral grooves in the swirl inserts of these nozzles ensure an efficient whirling of the liquid which creates uniform droplets throughout. Tangential hollow cone nozzles contain no inserts and the liquid flows at a right angle, which then creates a whirling rotation inside the nozzle chamber. These nozzles are less prone to clogging.

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Hollow cone nozzles | Overview (pdf, 765.43 KB)

Types of Hollow Cone Nozzles

Axial-flow hollow cone nozzle design

Axial-Flow Hollow Cone Nozzles

  • Droplet size
  • Narrowest free cross sections
  • Maximum spray angle: 90°
Axial-flow hollow cone nozzles
Tangential-flow hollow cone nozzles

Tangential-Flow Hollow Cone Nozzle Design

  • Coarser droplets than axial-flow hollow cone nozzles
  • Large narrowest free cross-sections
  • Wide spray angles up to 130°
  • Clog-resistant
Tangential-flow hollow cone nozzles


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