Coating Nozzles for Product Treatment

Lechler nozzles for product treatment

coating nozzles for product treatmentOptimum tank cleaning requires targeted harmonization with the respective application. Lechler offers a wide range of rotating nozzles and will support you in finding the right arrangement.Coating or disinfecting operations are widespread in food processing. The VarioSpray II nozzle valve system with pulse width modulation impresses with its enormous flexibility and offers the possibility of spraying very small volumes of fluid with precision.Before the foodstuffs are transferred, the cans must be disinfected on both the outside and inside. Flat fan nozzles and full cone nozzles can be used for this.In the meat-processing industry, sausage products are cooled by means of sausage showers. Full cone nozzles or cluster head nozzles are frequently used for that.With belt cooling, the product (e.g. rissoles) is transported on a belt. The underside of the belt is sprayed with water or a coolant. Due to the fine droplets, hollow cone nozzles are often used for this process.
Meat cooling

Meat cooling

  • Rapid cooling of meat products
  • Lowest possible water/energy consumption
  • Fine spray mist
Coating VarioSpray II

Coating VarioSpray II and VarioSpray HP

  • Product moisturizing and humidification
  • Precision spraying of very small liquid volumes with minimal loss of liquid
  • Application of viscous liquids to season or flavor food products
Belt cooling

Belt cooling

  • Spraying the underside of conveyor belts with water or coolant
  • Resistance to coolant

Other nozzles applications in the area of product treatment

  • Product cleaning
  • Fortifying
  • Spraying release agents
  • Spray drying
  • Blanching vegetables

Highlighted Products

VarioSpray Nozzle System

Nozzle systems for coating food products

VarioSpray II and VarioSpray HP

Nozzle valve system for variable atomization of very small liquid volumes. 

VarioSpray Brochure (pdf, 1.82 MB)
Lechler Full Cone Nozzle Series 490/491

Nozzles for meat cooling

Series 490/491

Non-clogging nozzle design. Stable spray angle. Even liquid distribution.

Applications: Cleaning and washing processes, surface spraying, Container cleaning, foam precipitation, degassing of liquids.

Technical data (pdf, 611.88 KB)
Cluster head nozzle series 502/503

Nozzles for meat cooling

Series 502/503

Fine full cone atomization with the aid of several hollow cones spraying into one another.

Applications: Cooling of gaseous and solid material, desuperheating, chlorine precipitation, absorption as well as for improvement of chemical reaction by enlarging the contact area.

Technical data (pdf, 301.86 KB)
Lechler Hollow Cone Nozzle Series 302 plastic version

Nozzles for belt cooling

Series 302 plastic version

Uniform hollow cone spray. Non-clogging nozzle, without swirl insert.

Applications: Humidification of air in air washers, dust control, spraying onto filters, foam control, cooling.

Technical data (pdf, 354.97 KB)


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