fire protection deluge nozzles

Deluge Spray Nozzles for Fire Protection

Both commercial and industrial operations have to deal with potential hazards in the workplace. These hazards could pose a serious fire danger or explosion that could damage equipment, harm workers, and injure customers. At Lechler, we offer deluge spray nozzles for various industries that rely on fire protection systems on sight to mitigate, extinguish, or contain fire hazards.


Fire Protection Deluge Nozzles

Fire protection deluge nozzles are specially designed to handle flammable materials, combustible materials, propellants, electrical dangers, and other fire or explosive situations. The nozzles operate by using a fire, smoke, or heat detection system. Once the system is triggered, the equipment opens a valve to release the water from the nozzles.


Applications for Deluge Spray Nozzles

Deluge spray nozzles and systems can be used in different scenarios depending on what type of protection you want for an area, for workers, or for equipment. A main objective is to extinguish any flames that are present to prevent further damage or potential injuries.

Another application involves cooling equipment or vessels containing materials that can experience extreme pressures that lead to heat buildup until the materials combust. The water cools the surfaces or materials and extinguishes potential fires.

You may also use fire protection deluge nozzles to control the spread of fires to provide escape routes for workers or customers, to provide enough time for workers to shut down fuel sources or move combustible materials to prevent further fires, and to provide enough time for emergency response teams to extinguish the flames.

There are numerous industries that may benefit from the use of deluge spray nozzles. Some industries may include chemical factories, oil & gas refineries, and steel factories. Other uses for these spray nozzle systems may include railway transfer stations, automobile tunnels, flammable storage tanks, transformers, aircraft hangers, and storage areas for combustible materials.


Types of Deluge Systems

There are several types of deluge systems based on where they will be installed and what function they provide for the facility. A deluge system may provide structural protection to prevent fire from spreading into the materials and infrastructure while protecting structural members to prevent collapse. Another type of deluge system is for general area protection. These systems provide fire protection to large spaces.

Equipment deluge systems will have spray nozzles directed at machinery, specific processes, or vessels. The deluge spray nozzles become the first line of defense against any hazard. Companies may also employ water curtain systems for certain work areas. The spray nozzles create curtains of water to keep the flames and smoke back to allow workers to evacuate.


Choose Lechler for Your Spray Nozzles

Lechler provides specially engineered spray nozzles for fire protection, wash water cleaning, pollution control, and other applications for many industries. We offer full cone nozzles, fan nozzles, atomizing nozzles, and other spray systems that can fully integrate into your existing systems. Contact us today to discuss our available products.