fire protection system located on celing, featuring water misting fire proection nozzles

Water Misting Fire Protection Nozzles

Water misting fire protection systems provide protection from flames and heat for industrial and commercial operations where the risk of fire, smoke, explosions, or other hazards are present. Selecting the right type of system will be dependent on your operations and the hazards that may be faced. Here at Lechler, we understand how important it is to maintain the health and safety of your company. We offer water misting fire protection nozzles for your applications.

Water Misting Fire Protection Nozzles

Fire protection comes in many forms when protecting property and safeguarding workers. Most systems consist of water deluge functions that provide a lot of water pressure to extinguish and contain flames. Unfortunately, the large amount of water can damage buildings and operational assets that are considered high value. To minimize this damage, water misting fire protection nozzles are used.

These fire protection spray nozzles use less water yet still control, contain, and extinguish Class A fires while preventing re-ignition of fires that fall within Class B and Class F. This process is accomplished by the unique nozzle design that distributes fine water droplets. These droplets help to lower the oxygen levels that feed fires and cool the heat from flames. With these two aspects, the water mist can effectively extinguish the fire by starving it of oxygen. At the same time, damage to high-value equipment and machinery that is water sensitive is minimized.

Types of Water Mist Systems

Water misting fire protection systems come in three categories based on the water pressure and two additional categories depending on the fluid outtake. Water pressure systems that are available are low pressure water misters that operate at 175 psi or less, medium pressure systems that have a pressure between 175 psi and 500 psi, and high pressure nozzles of 500+ psi.

Fluid outtake systems consist of single-fluid and twin-fluid operations. Single fluid systems only emit water. Twin-fluid systems will emit water along with nitrogen to tackle both the heat, flames, and oxygen in the area.

Water mist systems can be configured based on operation. The system may be automatic as it contains a thermal responsive element that detects the heat or smoke and sends a signal to the control panel. The control panel will then open the water valves. Another type of configuration is an open system where there is no thermal responsive element. Instead, a separate fire and smoke detection system becomes integrated into the water mist fire protection system.

Applications for Water Mist Spray Nozzles

Water mist fire protection nozzles can be used for any application that could create a fire hazard that contains valuable equipment or irreplaceable assets. It can be used in areas that have combustible liquids that may be under pressure. Some common industries and applications for these systems include food manufacturing, food sellers, museums, art galleries, libraries, offices, server rooms, data centers, and industrial plants.

Why Choose Lechler for Your Spray Nozzles?

Lechler offers specially designed and engineered spray nozzles that work with a multitude of fire protection systems that include deluge and water misting applications. We offer full cone nozzles, full cone nozzles with deflector plates, and other spray nozzle designs that can best accommodate your work area. Learn more about our products by contacting us today.