Doing good, connects.


One-tenth of the company's proceeds goes to charity. This central idea led to the founding of the "Paul Lechler Foundation" in 1928 by Paul Lechler Jr.

Forty years later, it was transformed into the nonprofit "PAUL LECHLER STIFTUNG GmbH" in 2006 after being reorganized into the Paul Lechler Foundation e.V.


Lechler Engagement – LECHLER STIFTUNG

The basic idea has always remained the same: the support of benevolent, religious and especially worthy charitable purposes. Especially in public health care, youth welfare and care for the elderly, education and assistance for disabled people.

The promise of Paul Lechler junior is still as valid today as it was in 1928: Every year the shareholders of Lechler GmbH give ten percent of their income to the LECHLER FOUNDATION.