Spray Technology for Power Generation Industry

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Spray technology for the power generation industry focuses on reducing excessive gas emissions, controlling generated nitrogen oxide (NOx) levels, making downstream equipment more efficient, and removing sulfur dioxide (SO 2) from exhaust flue gases. Improving emission and making equipment operate at proficient levels ensures that power generation companies can supply the energy that commercial operations and residential homes need. Learn more about the benefits of this spray technology and how it helps with NOx control.

Benefits of Spray Technology in the Power Generation Industry

Power generation companies create substantial amounts of NOx, SO 2, and other flue gases during internal combustion processes. When gas temperatures, humidity, and gas volume is not controlled properly, excessive amounts of these gases are created that can harm the environment when pushed out as exhaust. In addition, power generation processes produce sludge build-up, which can damage downstream equipment and reduce the machinery efficiency. This issue results in unexpected downtimes until systems can get back on track while increasing operational costs.

Spray technology makes operations efficient in various ways. This technology in the form of water spray nozzles, fuel spray nozzles, and cooling spray nozzles can lower gas temperatures and the amount of gas produced that ends up as flue exhaust. When operations create too much of these toxic gases, processes need to be slowed down until emissions reach safe levels. The spray technologies help to minimize the frequency of this situation, ensuring that processes continue to run at full speed. With operations running daily, it helps unnecessary maintenance and downtime costs.

More power generation companies are also turning to water jet sprays to deal with wetting and sludge buildup. When sludge accumulates in pipes and equipment, it forces the components to labor more as this problem prematurely wears down parts. Rinsing down the deposits into the bottom of tanks prevents the sludge from entering into other processes, leading to an increase in production output.

NOx Control

When fuel is combusted to generate power, it forms the byproduct nitrogen oxide. This nitrogen oxide is considered a pollutant that can negatively harm the environment. Spray technology for power generation industry helps to control the amount of NOx by using a technique called mist atomization.

Mist atomization involves the use of spray nozzles with precisely controlled distribution, angle, and velocity of aqueous ammonia droplets along with specific droplet sizes to create a catalytic reduction of the NOx. Reducing NOx as exhaust helps to protect the outdoor air quality and ensures that plant operations comply with established environmental protection standards.

Here at Lechler, we offer a variety of spray nozzles to accommodate power generation processes. Learn more about our solutions by contacting us today.


Lechler applications in the power generation industry at a glance

Lechler Anwendungen in der Kraftwerksindustrie im ÜberblickAtomization of aqueous ammonia for catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxidesAtomization of liquids for waste water-free operationfor wet flue gas desulfurizationAtomization of suspensions for separation of SO<sub>2</sub>

Further Lechler applications in the power generation industry

Weitere Lechler Anwendungen in der KraftwerksindustrieAtomization of lime slurry suspensions for binding SO<sub>2</sub>Atomization of aqueous ammonia for catalytic reduction of NOx

Further Lechler applications in the power generation industry

Weitere Lechler Anwendungen in der KraftwerksindustrieInjection into circulating fluidized bed for humidification and reaction accelerationAtomization of aqueous ammonia for catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides




Desulphurization (DeSOx)

Desulphurization (DeSOx)

Gas cooling

Gas Cooling System

Mist Eliminators

Mist Elimination


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