Cadenas 3D CAD Models

Lechler nozzles available online in 3D models

3D design models from Lechler nozzles and accessories are available to you free of charge for your design work. With this service we are once again demonstrating our expertise and high standards as a technology leader. use this offer to simplify your design work.

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CAD Model Selection by Nozzle Type

Downloading File Instructions


  2. Log in: click “Create access” at the top right.
  3. Enter registration data, confirm license agreement, send email.
  4. Confirmation email will be sent to you.
  5. Follow instructions in the confirmation email.
  6. Login: username + password.
  7. Setting the CAD file format:
  • “Select CAD FORMATS” (right column).
  • “CAD MODEL for download” (left column).
  • Select 3D format.
  • Click on the right arrow “Apply”, “Save settings”, “Close”.


  1. File download: Select nozzle chapter, nozzle type, nozzle series.
  2. Select the series, click on “Generate CAD MODEL”.
  3. CAD model is generated and displayed (bottom right).
  4. Click on “To Download” / “Download”.
  5. Pop-up window: Click on “Save”, select the target folder, “Save” again.