Spray Technology for the Pulp and Paper Industry

Spray nozzles for all areas of production

The pulp and paper industry is closely connected.  The process of paper production is divided into two steps: The first step consists of processing wood to pulp, which is further processed into paper.  Lechler offers atomizing technology for many processes of the whole production line. Let us know where we can help you improve – talk to us.

Lechler spray nozzle applications for pulp and paper production

Lechler Zerstäubungsdüsen für Anwendungen in der Zellstoff- und Papierproduktion<ul><li>Removal of the bark (debarking) with high pressure flat jet nozzles</li><li>Deicing with full cone nozzles</li><li>Sprinkling of tree logs during stone and dirt separation</li></ul>Exposure of the fibres, removal of lignin and resin. Full cone and flat jet nozzles are used within drum filters aligned to this process.Treatment of the pulp in bleaching towers up to 82ft high. Tank cleaning nozzles can be used for internal cleaning the towers.Liquids can foam up during the process. Full and hollow cone nozzles are suitable for foam suppression.A paper mill processes the pulp on a fine-meshed wire or plastic mesh to form a paper web. The water content of the pulp is continuously reduced. Flat jet nozzles are used at various points for cleaning.

Pulp production

The pulp for paper is produced from debarked shredded wood. Lignin of the wood, and other non-fibrous parts are almost completely removed in a cooking process. Lignin residues are removed in subsequent bleaching processes. Large quantities of process water and chemicals are required for the various processes. Costs can be saved by optimizing the nozzles to the process.

Lechler spray nozzle applications for pulp production:

  • Wood preparation
    • Hydromechanical debarking
    • Stone and dirt separation
    • Grinding stone and pulp preparation
    • Lubrication of the saw blades
  • Pulp path
    • Roller cleaning
    • Pulp washing
    • Tank cleaning
    • Pulp Drying Plant
  • Paper recycling
    • Filter cloth cleaning
    • Drum filter cleaning
    • Defoaming

Paper production

Lechler spray nozzle applications for paper mills

Einsatz von Lechler Düsen in PapiermaschinenThe pulp suspension is diluted to the required density in this area. Tank cleaning nozzles can be used for internal cleaning.Draining and pressing of the pulp. Flat jet nozzles are used at various points for cleaning.Drying of the paper web. In this section, pneumatic nozzles are used for remoistening the web.Finishing and coiling of the paper band. Different nozzles are used in this section depending on the type of treatment.

Sections of a paper mill

In the diagram above, the most common sections of a paper machine are shown, but these can vary, depending on the mill.  The general layout can be divided into the following sections:

  • Headbox (wet-end)
  • Press section
  • Dry end
  • Coating (paper finishing) and rolling up

Engineering your spray solution

The production of paper requires a large consumption of water and chemicals. Lechler spray nozzles use fewer liquids and resources, which reduce overall costs. Product quality is maintained and production can run efficiently with less interruptions.

Zellstoff- und PapierindustrieLast section of the paper handling process: rolling up of the paper.


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