Pharmaceutical Industry

Individual Solutions for Individual Processes

Sterilization, tank cleaning, filling, packaging are many processes encountered time and time again in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. It all depends on small, decisive details. We are familiar with details from numerous projects and we support our customers by understanding the specifics required for their individual processes. Learn more.


  • Cleaning glass lined reactors, bioreactors and fermentation tanks
  • Antimicrobial spraying
  • Blister pack cooling
Pharmaceutical industry

Highlighted Products

Rotating Cleaning Nozzle "PTFE Whirly"

The "PTFE Whirly" is designed for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. It works with rotating solid jets and is suitable for use in corrosive environments. The slip-on connection has a 3A certification and can be used in areas subject to particularly high hygiene requirements, such as contact with food.

Technical data (PDF, 239 KB)

5TA Rotating Cleaning Nozzle

The 5TA is hygienically designed for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. It is extremely effective thanks to the powerful solid jet nozzles and is also suitable for small tanks with persistent soiling. The series can resist pressures of up to 217 psi and high temperatures without any problem. All parts used exhibit a particularly high surface quality.

Technical data (PDF, 236 KB)


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