Thermal Studies and Mill Audits

For higher product quality and productivity

Over the life span of a rolling mill, the requirements in terms of product quality and the range of steel grades may change significantly. For instance, the performance of the installed roll cooling systems need to be investigated as one of the key technology areas when it comes to process modifications aiming for a higher productivity. Having engineered and installed over 350 selective cooling systems in steel, aluminum and non-ferrous rolling mills, Lechler is now able to simulate the thermal cooling effect of the existing work roll sprays with a computer model in order to help you optimize your roll cooling system performance.

Thermal Audits

When is a Thermal Audit recommended

  • Work roll material has been changed
  • Rolling different grades of materials
  • Extending work roll life

Your advantages

  • Easier maintenance of headers
  • Increased mill speed
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Optimizing the work roll temperature
  • Extended work roll life

Our experience with Thermal Audits

The first important step for us is to understand the objective you are interested in. Using the Thermal Roll Cooling Studies we are able to help you easily maintain headers, accelerate the mill, reduce the energy costs, decrease the roll temperature and extend the roll life. Once we have all the given circumstances, then we gather all the necessary data from the existing roll cooling system such as roll dimensions, nozzle inclination angles or quantity and type of the headers and nozzles in the mill. After the data has been collected, we have the capabilities to provide a parametric l-modeling of the current position of the headers in the mill. This roll gap model makes it possible to simulate the optimum spray configuration according to the given circumstances. When the optimum spray configuration is determined, you will get a detailed report about all findings of the Thermal Study. This includes reviews about the current nozzle and header use as well as recommendations on any adjustments so that the best possible result can be achieved.

Our consultation services

  • Distribution analysis before and after the adjustment
  • Proposal of new, optimized header positioning and nozzle use
  • Prediction of roll surface circumferential temperatures before and after the adjustment


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