Sanitation Spray Nozzles for Disinfectant and Hygiene

Lechler nozzles for disinfection and hygiene

Lechler nozzles for disinfection and hygieneHygiene sluices are a fundamental element of production that is as free from germs as possible.Short throughput times are needed when cleaning and disinfecting trolleys and containers for production.These systems are mostly linked in combination with hand disinfectant systems.
sanitation spray nozzles

Hand disinfection

  • Extremely fine atomization of disinfectants in hand disinfectant systems
  • Achieving the widest possible surface coverage to maximize the effectiveness of the disinfectant

Work equipment disinfection

  • Cleaning and disinfection of trollies and containers for production
  • Short throughput times in the cleaning and disinfection process
Sohlen- und Stiefelreinigung

Sole and boot cleaning

  • Effective cleaning of disinfection brushes in hygiene sluices
  • Spraying disinfectant onto brushes in hygiene sluices

Other nozzle applications for disinfection and hygiene

  • Room disinfection
  • Work sluices

Highlighted Products

Hollow Cone Series 214/216

Nozzles for hand disinfection

Series 214/216

Fine, uniform hollow cone spray.

Applications: Cooling and cleaning of air and gas, dust control, spraying onto filters, spray drying, desuperheating.

Technical data (pdf, 274.82 KB)
Flat Fan Series 664

Nozzles for work equipment disinfection

Series 664

Assembly with retaining nut. Automatic jet alignment due to dove-tail guide. Stable spray angle. Uniform, parabolic distribution of liquid. Spray pipes with these nozzles show an extremely uniform total liquid distribution.

Applications: Cleaning installations, cooling headers, spray pipes, roll cooling, cooling of rolled stock.

Technical data (pdf, 125.07 KB)
Flat Fan Series 632/633

Nozzles for sole and boot cleaning

Series 632/633

Standard design with conical, self-sealing thread connection. Stable spray angle. Uniform, parabolical distribution of liquid. Spray pipes equiped with these nozzles show an extremely uniform total distribution of liquid.

Applications: Spray cleaning, surface treatment, filter cleaning, belt cleaning, lubricating, coating.

Technical data (pdf, 120.21 KB)
Flat Fan Series 686

Nozzles for sole and boot cleaning

Series 686

Wide flat fan with a sharply delimited jet pattern. Particularly clog-proof.

Applications: Foam control in storage tanks, crate washers, cleaning and washing processes requiring powerful and concentrated water jets.

Technical data (pdf, 76.36 KB)

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