Specialty tank cleaning and accessories

There are several accessories that Lechler's tank cleaning nozzles can be adapted to for improving application requirements.

597 series tank cleaning nozzle

Series 597 Flushing Nozzle Assembly

The flushing nozzle assembly was designed especially for the brewing industry for cleaning the plate screen in lauter tun tanks.

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Series 5P2/5P3 "PopUp Whirly"

When a certain fluid pressure is reached, the rotating cleaning PopUp Whirly nozzle is automatically extended from the enclosure. These free-spinnng rotating nozzles can be installed flush in the tank wall. They are also suitable for cleaning pipes and for applications that use foam. They are of particular interest for applications in the food and beverage industry as well as for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

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5p5 tank cleaning nozzle

Series 5P5 "PopUp Clean"

The series PopUp Clean is used for cleaning agitators or other spray shadow areas. The tank cleaning nozzle made of high-quality materials convinces with its compact and robust design and can be installed flush with the wall.

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Series 5P7 "PopUp Whirly Air Hygienic"

The PopUp Whirly Air Hygienic is designed for cleaning pipes and ducts. It is designed for automated cleaning where the cleaning nozzle must not remain in the process.

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Rotation Monitoring Sensor

Rotation Monitoring Sensor

With the new Rotation Monitoring Sensor from Lechler, rotating cleaning nozzles can be easily and reliably monitored to check if the nozzle is actually in operation. The sensor detects the water amount which is passing the sensor tip. Using a special software, the sensor can be adapted to the tank size, the pressure and the type of nozzle.

For use with XactClean HP Series 5S2/5S3, ACCUClean Series 515, Series 5TA, Series 5TB, Series 5TM.

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5TM Horizontal Mounting Bracket

5TM Horizontal Mounting Bracket

This specially designed mounting bracket was made for the 5TM high impact tank cleaning nozzle for cleaning horizontal tanks. The bracket positions the 5TM in a horizontal position, which allows the powerful solid stream jets to clean the bulk ends of the tank more effectively. It has been widely used and proven to be effective for cleaning tanker trucks and railcars.

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5TM portable cart

5TM Portable Tank Cleaning Cart

Lechler's portable tank cleaning cart is used with the 5TM high impact tank cleaning machine. The cart makes transporation and operation of the 5TM nozzle easy, so that it can be used for cleaning multiple tanks. The cart can be easily placed inside large fermentation tanks with openings at the bottom, where crawling inside can be especially dangerous for workers.

Technical data (pdf, 973.84 KB)


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