reliable fire suppression solution

When an accidental spark is triggered within a dryer duct you need a reliable fire suppression system to extinguish the fire before an explosion occurs. Most of the industry nozzles clog due to soil build up. When this happens the chances of them extinguishing the fire is low. Extinguishing your dryer duct shouldn’t be a challenge.  Lechler’s PopUp Nozzle is sealed and only pops out when the supply line is pressurized so the chances of it clogging are minimal compared to a nozzle which is always exposed to wet or sticky particles in the gas stream. 

reliable fire suppression

The compact PopUp Nozzle produces a hollow cone spray pattern. This nozzle internals are only visible during operation and sealed shut when not in use. There are no elastomers so it is able to withstand higher temperatures. When the supply line is pressurized, it automatically pops out of the housing and starts spraying a hollow cone pattern via a deflector type spray. 



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