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Lechler's Rotation Monitor detects issues within your cleaning process right away!

Thorough cleaning of tanks is crucial when trying to maintain the high stringent hygienic conditions the industry enforces. There are two main factors that can cause issues and disrupt your tank cleaning process which are drop in pressure and clogged nozzle. If a issue with the nozzle's performance is recognized too late, the tank may not be sanitized properly and could still contain contaminants or residue. This contamination can jeopardize the quality of the product.  Damages resulting from the contamination, including downtime, can quickly amount to costly expenses. This is why Lechler offers the Rotation Monitoring Sensor. It is a reliable way to confirm that your tank nozzle is rotating and cleaning properly with every cycle.

Rotation Monitor Sensor significantly enhances the reliability of your cleaning process

The rotation monitor can only be used with controlled rotation nozzles. They do not require maintenance and care after installation.  The sensor uses the capacitative principle and reliably monitors the amount of water flowing by the detector during the entire cleaning process. The unit's functioning and installation is easy for the user to understand and carry out. The sensor can be simply mounted on the tank wall. Then, with the help of Lechler's software, the monitor unit acquires all of the relevant process parameters and views them in a simple format. The unit is able to monitor and follow the entire cleaning process. It can be individually adapted to every application and can be optimized to the tank size, pressure and nozzle used. 

Once the parameters are stored, the sensor is ready to detect potential disruptions and irregularities in the cleaning process. Should the performance of a rotation type cleaner drop, the sensor would register it. This would then be reported to the controls and the operator is warned with a visual and auditory signal. The sensor would also know if the water pressure falls below the prescribed threshold value. The rotation monitor sensor gives the operator that extra bit of security required for costly products. Lechler's solutions have one ultimate goal: to let our customers concentrate on their core business, relieving them of any concerns about the cleanliness of their tanks. 

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