If you're looking for maximum free passage without clogging issues, Lechler's vaneless full cone Series 422/423 is unmatched in the market today. The chart above shows other market comparable full cone nozzles with free passage sizes spraying at 40 psi with a flow rate of 12 gpm; 90° spray angle and 3/4' connection. Test data validates that Lechler's vaneless full cone Series 422/423 has over
40% more free passage.

In our tangential nozzle design, the atomizing fluid is tangentially supplied to a swirl chamber, where it is put into rotation. Tangential-flow full cone nozzles are free of swirl inserts and less prone to clogging.

Engineering Your Spray Solution

Lechler offers a complete line of full cone nozzles in a variety of flow rates, connection sizes and material options. Our maximum free passage is unmatched and eliminates plugging issues.  You can rely on Lechler’s engineering experts to assist you with your design and nozzle selection. 

We specialize in the following:  

  • Packing Washing 
  • Injectors 
  • Scrubber Nozzles

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