Flat fan nozzles

Lechler flat fan nozzles stand for high impact and uniform liquid distribution with spray angles up to 60°. Flat fan nozzles with low flow rates are especially suited for humidifying and spraying in general. The flow geometry of the nozzle allows the production of accurate, compact sprays, available with different distribution patterns.

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Flat fan nozzles | Overview (pdf, 1.74 MB)

Nozzle Types

Low-pressure nozzles

Stable spray angles at a wide range of pressures. Uniform parabolic distribution.

Low-pressure flat fan nozzles

High-pressure nozzles

Sharp uniform flat fan nozzle made from hardened stainless steel.

High Pressure Nozzles: Flat Fan

Adjustable nozzle systems

Ball joint, multi-directional swivelling range of 20°. Simple, quick assembly. Easy adjusting and cleaning. Retains orientation upon replacement.

Adjustable nozzle systems


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