Tank Cleaning Procedures: The Importance of Following Proper Brewery Procedures

The importance of following proper brewery tank cleaning procedures

The importance of following proper brewery tank cleaning procedures cannot be overstated. Brand new brewing equipment is shiny and clean, perfect for a first batch. However, tanks quickly become soiled, allowing bacteria to form and these can be challenging to remove. Consider the following essential elements to cleaning your tank, including choosing the right nozzle for your specific cleaning procedure. Together, these procedures will ensure a properly and safely cleaned brewery tank.

The 5 Essential Elements of Tank Cleaning

  1. Safety: Employee safety should be the first priority of any organization. Prior to using tank cleaning nozzles, employees were required to crawl into the brewing tank with a pressure washer. This poses a multitude of risks: your employee in danger of injury from a fall and an imperfect cleaning job. Tank cleaning nozzles can be placed directly inside the tank, eliminating the need for manpower and ensuring a perfect wash every time.
  2. Choosing the right nozzle: Choosing the right nozzle for your tank is essential to proper tank cleaning. Nozzle options will be explored in-depth in the next section.
  3. Chemicals, time, and temperature: Using chemicals, time, and temperature sparingly and effectively saves money. Always. This will be possible when utilizing the proper nozzle for your specific tank and cleaning process. Time saved is time gained. Extra time can then be directly applied to manufacturing more product.
  4. Tank obstruction: When debris collects in the tank, the cleaning process becomes more difficult. Again, identifying a correct nozzle and following proper brewery tank cleaning procedure can eliminate the problem of buildup.
  5. Nozzle placement: Proper cleaning procedure includes correct nozzle placement. General placement rules differ, depending on your specific tank. Be sure to understand the placement for your tank before while installing your tank nozzle.

The Types of Tank Cleaning Nozzles

Proper brewery cleaning procedures begin with finding the best nozzle for your specific tank. When it comes to tank and equipment cleaning, there are four primary typesof cleaning nozzles.

  • Static spray balls: Static spray balls fall into cleaning efficiency class 1, meaning they are excellent for rinsing in small tanks. They require a rather large amount of liquid to maintain a turbulent flow.
  • Free spinning: Perfect for small to medium-sized tanks, free spinning nozzles strike the surface repeatedly, efficiently and powerfully removing soil. Free spinning nozzles fall into cleaning efficiency classes 2 and 3.
  • Controlled rotation: Controlled rotation nozzles fall into cleaning efficiency class 4. As you probably imagined, these nozzles are implemented for larger tanks and can remove medium to difficult soils. These nozzle heads are driven by fluid, ensuring a consistent optimal range and speed.
  • Gear controlled: If you’re looking for a nozzle that will excellently tackle very large tanks with difficult cleaning requirement, gear controlled nozzles are the best option.

Lechler: Engineering Your Spray Solution

Lechler is more than just a nozzle manufacturing company; we are dedicated to serving a wide variety of markets and providing custom, excellently engineered spray solutions. If you have questions about the best cleaning nozzles for your brewery tanks, contact Lechler today!