Custom Nozzle Fabrication

custom nozzle fabrication

When it comes to spray system mechanisms, there are literally hundreds of pieces to consider.  From the materials that make the mechanism, to the particular nozzles used to actually disperse the fluid - there are plenty of opportunities for customization.

What makes a spray system? A compilation of headers, injector nozzles, lances, and quills. There are many factors that need to be considered with custom nozzle fabrication. Learn more about the research, materials, and benefits of custom nozzle solutions below!

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Custom Headers, Lances, and Quills

For a basic overview of how these pieces produce a cleaning result:

“Lechler injector nozzles, lances, and quills are provided in order to transport single or multiphase media into tanks, pipes, ducts, or towers. Our products are custom engineered for proper flow, pressure, droplet size, spray profile, and impact characteristics to meet your process requirements. A variety of materials, connection types, and sizes are available as needed.”[1]


The Research that Goes into Custom Solutions

The materials and test requirements for each piece are essential to ensuring projects can sustain their designated tasks. The materials available include stainless steel, PVC, metallic industrial piping, and more.

Another important consideration for researchers to explore while designing a custom nozzle of any kind is the connection type and features. This includes a standard flange, which can be based on customer specification, expression joints, couplings, shut-off valves, and flange connectors for gas ducts.

Next, the type of injector or lance arrangement must be determined. These considerations include spray direction (up, down, or from the side), the insertion length depending on the type of container the lance is intended to spray, the nozzle count (they can be single or multi-nozzle type of arrangements), and a cluster head design.

There is a myriad of header and manifold options available for your design. Some examples of these include air atomizing, self-cleaning showers, rings, standard headers, and high-pressure headers. Our highly trained and experienced staff can help you determine which of these headers or manifolds are ideal for you.

Finally, the quill. It is difficult to fully understand the role an injection quill plays in this process. “Injection Quills are used to inject a chemical product in a flow. By reaching the center of the flow, injection quills assure a homogeneous mixing of the components. It is possible to add a spray nozzle to a quill to distribute a specific quantity of fluid.”[2]  The quill for a custom solution design will depend in large part on what the needs of the individual customer are and their preferences.


How Do Custom Nozzle Fabrication Solutions Work?

If you are searching for an injector nozzle, lance, quill, or specific solution for a particular task, but you have not been able to identify a mechanism to meet your individual need, then you have come to the right place. At Lechler USA, we are excited to join you in breaking new ground and designing custom solutions to help you when there is no standard solution already available. If you have specific spray nozzle design needs, we can help.

With over 140 years of experience in this industry, working with dozens of other industries to meet a broad spectrum of needs, we have dabbled in hundreds of spray nozzle designs.  Further, with 10 years of experience creating individually specified designs, we are confident that we are able to design, develop, and produce customized nozzles for you.  Not only are we able to take on your specific task, but we can produce spray systems, cleaning solutions, and mist eliminators on relatively short notice.


The Benefits of Using Custom Solutions

Why should you consider utilizing and taking advantage of our ability to create customized solutions for you and your company?

Your business is not like all the others, so why should your spray system mechanisms be forced into a mold that does not work for you or your company?

Ultimately, when you decide to partner with us at Lechler USA for your spray system, injector nozzle, lance, and quill mechanism designs, everyone wins. You and your business win because you can garner spray systems that actually meet your demands and needs. Why spend extra money trying to modify a pre-existing spray system, only to become frustrated when it does not produce the results you wanted? Your customers and staff benefit because production can remain fully operational due to your custom design spray system optimizing your output functionality.

Finally, there is a sense of pride and ownership that comes with knowing you have the best of the best. You can sit down with one of our representatives and discuss the intricacies of this business you have given your life to. No one knows your business like you do, and no one knows what your business needs like you do. That principle is true from ordering resources to making the decisions on how your products will be shipped. When it comes to the inner workings of your business and the spray system design you need, this principle still rings true. We know best when it comes to spray nozzle solutions, and you know best when it comes to what your particular business needs. Let us partner with you to design the perfect spray system to meet your growing and changing needs.


Are You Ready to Create a Custom Solution Spray System Design?

We have discussed some of the particular ways you can be involved in creating custom solutions for your spray system needs. When you partner with Lechler USA, you get to be in the driver’s seat by creating the perfect cleaning solutions for your needs. You get to be part of the conversation in determining what materials will be used for your spray system design, what custom pieces you want for your injector nozzles, your lances, your quills, your spray nozzles and everything in between.

When you are ready, join our team of experienced and professional staff to create the ideal cleaning solutions for your individual needs.


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