The Most Effective Chemical Tank Cleaning Process

chemical tank cleaning process


Effective tank cleaning results from four tank cleaning principles properly functioning together: temperature, time, chemistry, and mechanics. Each fundamental principle plays a critical role in effective cleaning when a proper balance has been achieved.

For reference, see the four tank cleaning principles represented on the pie graph below:

The entire circle represents an effective tank cleaning process. Follow along as we briefly explore each component of the tank cleaning circle.

1. Temperature

Temperature is important in tank cleaning. Since cleaning chemicals are being used, the proper temperature maximizes chemical effectivity without causing adverse chemical reactions.

2. Time

Time simply refers to how long it takes to complete an effective tank cleaning cycle.

3. Chemistry

Regardless of the tank being cleaned, a chemical agent of some sort is often utilized. You will likely choose between alkaline detergents, acidic cleaners, and disinfectants, depending on the nature of the soil being removed.

4. Mechanics

Mechanics refer to the physical cleaning components utilized, such as the spray nozzle. When the right nozzle is chosen for your specific application, the additional components of tank cleaning (temperature, time, and chemistry) claim less space in the circle, optimizing the process and reducing costs.

To properly build an efficient tank cleaning “circle” for your needs, you must define your tank cleaning needs and select the best mechanical solution.

First, Define Your Tank Cleaning Needs

The chemical industry is as diverse as the processes that drive it. In the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry, tank cleaning needs can be identified upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Depending on your sector of the chemical industry, your tank cleaning needs will differ. For example, your tanks may have intensive soiling and require a high-impact cleaning nozzle. Alternatively, you may need a cleaning nozzle that can withstand intense heat. Identifying your tank cleaning needs is the first step in determining the spray nozzle that will create an effective process for your company.

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Then, Select the Best Industrial Spray Nozzle For Your Needs With Lechler USA

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