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New Capabilities

Lechler has been in operation for more than 140 years, but there is nothing outdated about our products and capabilities.  We have new products with abilities to meet any tough job you have. We are innovative, we are industry leaders, and we have what you need and we have new capabilities arriving all the time.

We are led each day by our values: to produce the highest quality products and to maintain a passion to serve our customers.

Lechler USA’s Spray Ball Manufacturing New Capabilities

The sun never sets on Lechler’s product development.  We are constantly creating new technologies, products, applications, and services to tackle your toughest jobs.  We will continue to invest in research and development to ensure we remain industry leaders in spray technology.

How the Process Works

Our manufacturing process is really quite simple: water is powerful.  Our purpose and passion is to find innovative ways to utilize one of our most cherished, but obvious resources… water.

Through a series of engineered nozzles and a knowledgeable staff, we are able to guarantee you have what you need for your project.

We have numerous inventions and patents that have kept Lechler USA as a leader in our industry. 

Spray Ball Manufacturer

Spray ball technology is a sophisticated and unique resource that can be used by a myriad of industries.  Simply put, if you have any type of container that will eventually need cleaning, then your industry will benefit from the Lechler USA spray ball. Because the industries we serve are constantly changing, our spray ball technologies are always changing and evolving with new capabilities.

There are many types of spray balls, some are static for rinsing applications while others are gear controlled for a more powerful spray designed to clean tough soil. Each of these spray balls has a specific purpose and was created to tackle specific jobs.

We also provide other spray solutions and engineered systems such as air nozzles, flat fan nozzles, full cone nozzles, hollow cone spray nozzles, pneumatic atomizing nozzles, solid stream spray nozzles and spray nozzle accessories.

How Does Lechler USA Offer Such High Quality Equipment?

There are many spray ball manufacturers out there, and we know you may be trying to find a good fit for you.  We are committed to providing you with the best quality products and services.  We stand by our products, and we take our role as industry leaders to heart.

Lechler USA has been using and perfecting spray technology solutions for over 140 years.  We use spray nozzles to optimize a myriad of processes, from food to fuel.  Fluid is the name of the game at Lechler USA, and we are committed to finding complete solutions in chemical, metal production, energy production and more. 

We continuously focus our knowledge on research, testing and development.  We use state of the art technology to ensure precision for spray distribution to yield accurate results and to ensure efficiency and reduce waste.

Ultimately, we have prided ourselves in being a family business, and though we have expanded to more than five countries and have more than 700 employees, we have kept the same values and vision – to produce superior spray technology solutions through high quality products and serving you, our customers.

Our quality is marked by the numerous awards and certifications we have earned over the years.  These awards and certifications are a manifestation of our commitment to our values which drive us each day.

Why Are We A Step Above the Competition?

At Lechler USA, we do not just tout our impressive quality products, applications and services.  We also want you, our devoted and valued customers, to feel empowered and in the know about the products and services we provide.  Spray ball manufacturers are a unique niche, we know this, and it is something we do not take lightly.  We want you to be informed.  We provide a thorough and comprehensive resources page for you.  On this page, you will find videos, demonstrations, literature, specs on all of our products, and detailed information to help you make the best decision for you upcoming project.

You do not have to take our word for it, you can actually go to our Nozzle Insights link and do a deep dive to ensure you have all the details you need for the vat, container, rolling system or industrial stack you have in mind.  There you will find dimensions, pressure per square inch, ideal sizes, attachment needs, and anything else you need to know.

What Is Your Next Step?

Are you interested in learning more about Lechler USA and their new capabilities? Or are you ready to get more information about an upcoming project you have?  If so, contact us today at 800-777-2926 for more information, or fax us at 630-377-6657. You may also ask questions are info@lechlerusa.com.