The Best Types of Nozzles for Efficiently Cleaning Your Food Processing Tanks

the best types of nozzles for efficiently cleaning food processing tanks

Nearly every food or ingredient bought from a grocery store or restaurant has gone through a food processing experience. Most likely, your refined grains, chips, cheese, granola, chocolate, milk, and so much more have been processed. Because nearly every food item found on the shelves of your local grocery store and handed through a drive-thru window is processed, consumers and producers alike understand how important it is for food processing tanks to be kept clean and free of bacteria. How can food processing tanks efficiently be kept clean?

The Best Types of Nozzles

The best nozzle for your food processing tanks will differ depending on your specific tank, and choosing the best onewill ultimately achieve maximum efficiency for your application. Cleaning nozzles are categorized by 5 efficiency classes. Efficiency classes should be chosen depending on the size and intensity of your cleaning job. For example, efficiency classes 1 through 3 are excellent for light to medium cleaning jobs, while classes 4 and 5 are perfect for medium to heavy cleaning requirements. Each class features a specific nozzle, which will be explored in detail below:

  1. Static Spray Balls: Static spray balls are classified as cleaning efficiency class 1. Therefore, they are excellent for relatively minor cleaning jobs and usually, small tanks. This device operates at the standard guidelines for the food and beverage industry; however, it requires more water than rotational nozzles. Unlike rotational nozzles, static spray balls are resistant to higher temperatures, great for hygienically sensitive spaces, and are self-draining.
  2. Free Spinning: Free-spinning nozzles are classified as both efficiency class 2 and 3. These nozzles dispense fluid quickly, repeatedly striking the sides of small-to-medium sized tanks, efficiently loosening then cleaning soil from the tank surface. Free-spinning nozzles are great for the food and beverage industry as well.
  3. Controlled Rotation: Controlled rotation nozzles, located in efficiency class 4, achieve a higher impact via high fluid pressure, perfect for medium-to-larger sized tanks and major cleaning jobs. Rotating nozzles can be fitted to your application, produced in a variety of sizes.
  4. Gear Controlled: As you probably imagined, gear controlled nozzles fall into efficiency class 5. These nozzles provide extremely powerful impact. Gear controlled nozzles are best used in large tanks and very difficult cleaning projects. The entire tank is cleaned in a pre-programmed, model-specific pattern, powered by gears.

In addition to the efficiency class, design and cleanability are also of utmost importance when considering the best types of nozzles for food processing tanks. Nozzles created with hygienic design will prevent recesses that harbor dirt, dead spaces that aren’t reached by the nozzle flow, and sinks that hinder run-off of fluids. In addition, cleaning nozzles used in food and beverage applications should be made with materials that are compliant with the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). At Lechler, our rotating cleaning nozzles have been designed with these factors in mind.

The Best Nozzle Solution: Lechler

Lechler is dedicated to providing cleaning solutions for your application. We understand the importance of cleaning your food processing tanks efficiently, because we see the prevalence of processed food in grocery stores and restaurants. We understand that safety and efficiency are equipment care, for any industry. This is why we provide excellent, high-quality solutions that revolutionize the food and beverage industries.

Do you have a unique application which requires an equally unique cleaning solution? At Lechler, our experts develop more than simply innovative precision nozzles. We develop solutions for unique, specific application requirements. Let us know what you need. Contact us today for more information!