Water Nozzles for Cleaning - How the Right Nozzles Can Save Your Company Money

Water Nozzles for Cleaning - How the Right Nozzles Can Save Your Company Money

Did you know that selecting the right water nozzles for cleaning your equipment can save your company money? The right nozzle will save precious resources, ultimately freeing these resources to be utilized elsewhere. This helpful guide provides an excellent starting point for understanding the nozzles available to you – and explains how choosing the correct one can defend your assets.

Chemicals + Temperature + Time + Mechanics

Tank and equipment cleaning is governed by four fundamental principles: chemicals, time, temperature, and mechanics. Choosing the right water nozzle can balance these principles, maximizing efficiency and ultimately saving resources. Here’s what you need to know about these four crucial elements.

Chemicals should always be used cautiously. An excess of chemicals will damage your tank, but too little will give bacteria an environment to grow. A CIP (cleaning in place) option is best to accurately manage the amount of chemicals used.

The right amount of chemicals should also be utilized at the correct temperature. Adverse temperature could affect the chemicals, disrupting the cleaning process. Accurate temperatures are recommended by the chemical provider. Be sure to become familiar with the right temperature and adhere to this standard.

The amount of time required to properly clean your tank and/or equipment is situational. For example, the type of soil and size of tank are a few variables that impact cleaning time. Once more, a CIP system is ideal to ensure a consistent clean.

Chemicals, water, and time impact capital. Reliable mechanics will keep costs down without inhibiting the integrity of the cleaning process. The right water nozzles are trustworthy, producing precise cleaning cycles while permanently reducing costs. With this in mind, what are the kinds of water nozzles available – and which is best for your company?

Choose the Right Water Nozzle for Cleaning

  • Static: As the name implies, static spray balls don’t rotate. Though static nozzles require a fairly large amount of water to generate powerful flow, they’re perfect for rinsing small tanks and vessels.
  • Free spinning: Free spinning water nozzles are rotationally driven by cleaning fluid flow. This allows for a steady stream of cleaning fluid, efficiently and accurately removing soil. Small-to-medium-sized tanks benefit from utilizing free spinning nozzles.
  • Controlled rotation: Like free spinning nozzles, controlled rotation equipment is driven by the stream of cleaning fluid. This nozzle produced larger droplets and a turbine wheel controls the nozzle rotation, allowing for accurate fluid streams at high pressure. Controlled rotation nozzles should be used for medium to large tanks.
  • Gear controlled: Gear controlled nozzles are the most powerful, covering the entire service of large tanks. To achieve maximum sanitation, utilize these nozzles for difficult cleaning jobs.

Lechler Spray Solutions

Choosing the right water nozzle will save your company money, period. How? Resources—such as chemicals, water, and time—can be reduced and used for other purposes. The right nozzle will also perform perfectly for your application, ensuring an accurate cleaning job every time.

Lechler provides a variety of water nozzles, so you have the freedom to choose the right option for your company. We provide excellently engineered spray solutions to a wide variety of markets, allowing you to save capital where it counts. Contact us today for more information about the finding the right water nozzles for your industry.