Rotating Water Heads Help You Experience Savings and Better Performance

Experience Cost Savings and Better Performance with Rotating Water Heads

Tank and equipment cleaning is important. In fact, tank cleaning is crucial to successfully handling a business in an industry that requires such equipment. Though imperative, cleaning and sanitizing can be time-consuming and costly – but they don’t have to be. In fact, if cleaning and sanitizing your tanks and equipment is a burden to your business, negatively impacting your bottom line, you’re probably utilizing the wrong cleaning equipment.

From your entire cleaning system to the smallest water head, be sure that you’re utilizing the most cost effective available option for your application. The following content explores how rotating water heads provide cost savings and better performance, serving your bottom line and streamlining your cleaning process.

Four Basic Aspects of Tank Cleaning

Ultimately, determining cost savings and increased performance directly relates to how your specific water head interacts with the four basic aspects of tank cleaning. Each facet is important and carries a cost.

  • Chemistry simply refers to the type of chemical cleaning agent used during the tank cleaning process.
  • Temperature refers to the temperature at which cleaning is performed.
  • Time indicates the total duration of the cleaning process.
  • Mechanics indicate the method by which soil is removed. Various types of water heads are included in this category.

Each fundamental aspect of tank cleaning lends a percentage to the total cleaning process. Because of this, if you’re utilizing the proper water heads, mechanics will embrace more of the process, minimizing the need for excess chemicals, high temperatures, and time. The ultimate result: cost savings and better performance.

Why Rotating Water Heads?

If choosing the proper mechanical solution is the goal, why are rotating water heads the solution?

  • Impact is crucial to efficiently cleaning the entire surface of a tank. Rotating water heads produce large water droplets that strike at high speeds. This ensures that even thick, difficult soils are removed from inside the entire tank. Proper installation, ensuring that the distance between the nozzle and tank wall, as well as the operating pressure, are accurate, results in a water head that delivers incredible efficiency. Due to their high impact capability, rotating water heads are excellent for larger tanks and more difficult cleaning jobs.
  • Comprehensive cleaning is also important. If your water head is not removing all soil from the inside of your tank, cleaning standards won’t be met. Here, rotating water heads should be compared to static spray balls. Static heads spray in a single direction and, while good for rinsing, will miss important areas in larger tanks and penetrating more difficult soils. Controlled rotational water heads spray the whole tank in a preprogrammed pattern, striking every wall and removing soil. Due to this efficient pattern, rotating water heads use less fluid consumption.

Lechler: Your Water Head Resource

Lechler is determined to help your company balance the fundamental aspects of tank cleaning proficiently, heightening mechanical efficiencies and reducing costly components. We are a proud to provide a variety of water heads, each perfect for various applications. If you’re aiming to experience cost savings and better performance, contact us today.