Spray Nozzles for Evaporative Cooling & Disposal

Many operations may use water for cooling processes. When the water flows over and through applications, it may pick up contaminants, solids, or particulates. Evaporative cooling and disposal allows for the cooling water to be dispersed into water vapor, as the solids and particulates float to the bottom of a vessel, tank, or pond for later disposal. Here at Lechler, we offer evaporative cooling nozzles for various industries that utilize these methods.

Evaporative Disposal Cooling

Evaporative cooling comes in many forms, such as cooling a hot surface when going through processing to collecting evaporative water that contains particulates in outdoor ponds. When it comes to disposal cooling, ponds and open tanks are used. The water used for cooling purposes may collect particulates that are collected from the air. Since the excess water cannot be placed back into processes again, it becomes placed into ponds.

Normal evaporative methods usually entail suing the sun's heat to evaporate the water. Yet this method takes time and can only happen along the pond's top surface that comes in contact with the warm air. Usually the only other option would be to expand the size of the pond to create a larger surface area. Yet with evaporative cooling nozzles, the water below the surface is atomized and sprayed into the air above the pond. More evaporation occurs at a higher rate of time. The particulates settle to the ground and can be collected for disposal or use in other process areas.

Common Uses and Applications

Several industries use ponds and evaporative cooling processes for their operations. Some common fields include the oil and gas industry, as well as wastewater treatment operations. The use of evaporative spray nozzles may be found for field waste, brine processing, salt solution processing, holding ponds, tailing ponds, and static cooling ponds.

Cooling Spray Tech from Lechler

Cooling spray technology offered from Lechler will depend on the application, industry, flow rate, droplet size, and characteristics of the water. We offer full cone, hollow cone, and fan cone nozzles for pray systems and lances. These nozzles provide varying droplet sizes and can handle both low and high pressure situations.

Our droplets allow for even distribution of liquids so that all sides of the droplets come into contact with the air, allowing for evaporation to take place evenly and quickly. Our nozzles can also handle water streams containing a range of particulates and containments with minimal clogging or corrosion.

Additional Cooling Applications

In addition to evaporative cooling and disposal, our nozzles can also be used for gas cooling and secondary cooling applications. Gas cooling involves spray nozzles to remove excess toxic gases from exhaust flues to prevent harmful emissions into the environment. Secondary cooling methods are often used in metal fabrication industries to evenly cool products for further processing or to provide benefits to the casted metal.

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