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What Is An Eductor Nozzle

Certain spray nozzles are specialized for a specific industry as the nozzles can be used for a variety of applications. Eductor nozzles are commonly found in the oil, gas, and chemical industries as they provide a means to heat, mix, and pump liquids, solids, or gasses in a tank.

When you are looking for a simple design and easy to install nozzle which still offers top performance, an eductor nozzle is an ideal solution. Learn more about what is an eductor nozzle and how they can benefit your company's operations.

What is an Eductor Nozzle?

An eductor nozzle lacks moving parts as it is placed within an open or closed tank full of liquid. The nozzle can agitate the contents in the tank to keep the liquid moving, which is ideal for mixtures that are prone to separation or when there are solid particles mixed inside. This process can prevent the particles from settling on the sides or bottom of the tank.

An eductor nozzle can also heat fluids or place additives into a liquid. In some cases, these nozzles may be used to evacuate gasses or the liquids in the tank.

How Does an Eductor Nozzle Mix with No Moving Parts?

An eductor nozzle has a one piece design with an open area before the orifice. The liquid contents already present in the tank become drawn into the nozzle and mixes with the pumped fluids. Both mixed fluids are then expelled from the orifice.

The mixing process is accomplished using a low pressure that is created by the pumped liquid. This low pressure zone draws the existing liquid of the tank into the nozzle and then expels everything back into the tank. The nozzle relies on less pumping to effectively mix three to five times more fluids that are pumped.

Uses for an Eductor Nozzle

An eductor can be used for many applications that require the mixing of liquids. It can take the place of submersible pumps when the liquids in the tank are corrosive or where the tank's contents will not allow the submersible pump to be used effectively.

While general mixing is a common application for the eductor nozzle, it can also be used for heating liquids by injecting the same heated liquid into the tank or a different hot liquid. You can use eductor nozzles to mix additives such as powders, colors, platings, dyes, chlorines, fertilizers, and other substances. If dealing with concentrated liquids, the nozzle can dilute the mixture without opening up the tank.

Other applications include draining the liquid from the tank, tank cleanings, scrubbing fumes from a contained gas, and agitating the liquid to suspend particles. In some cases, if the contents of the tank are flammable and catch fire, the eductor nozzle can provide fire protection by ejecting water onto the flames.

Advantages of an Eductor Nozzle

There are numerous benefits to using an eductor nozzle. An eductor nozzle is low in cost due to not having extra moving parts and components. Due to the one-piece design, you do not have to worry about the agitation process causing excessive wear-and-tear to the moving components. So there is less leaking of the nozzles from any tears.

The nozzle is submersible and is made from high quality materials that can withstand corrosive properties. This feature is ideal when the tank is enclosed as the simple design requires less servicing and maintenance since there are no moving parts. When you are looking for a replacement of a submersible pump that is simple to install and maintain, the eductor nozzle is an ideal replacement.

Although the eductor nozzle is specialized for industrial applications, it is still versatile to be used in varying processes and in-line operations. Whether agitating liquids, mixing fluids, heating fluids, or suppressing flames, this nozzle can be used throughout the company for various purposes to streamline operations while keeping costs low.

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