Mist eliminators have long played a vital role in metal operations and in gas washing plants. They are now becoming even more important due to the increasingly stringent environmental protection regulations that require a drastic reduction in the residual pollutant content.

This makes it necessary to use high-performance mist eliminators which are capable of separating even the finest droplets with a size of less than 10 micrometers, while at the same time minimizing pressure losses. This task requires effective separation systems with compact dimensions that can deal with high flow rates.

Know-how about droplet formation and droplet movement in a gas flow is essential to ensure fault-free operation of the mist eliminator. For more than 100 years now, we have worked on detection, measurement and definition of droplets. It is therefore not by chance that Lechler nozzles and Lechler mist eliminators are now considered integral elements in process engineering.

Each installation requires a specific mist eliminator design and construction. Design, construction and selection of the optimum Lechler mist eliminators are based fully on your requirements, specifications and drawings. That is why we do not offer standard solutions, but customize systems individually for your specific needs.

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