Supercharge your Fin Fan Heat Exchanger during Peak Summer with the right nozzle.

For petrochemical plants and refinery operators, running critical air cooled heat exchangers on hot summer afternoons can bottleneck your process. While not as effective as shell and tube liquid-cooled heat exchangers, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHEs) are an efficient option for the majority of the year’s process cooling needs.  When the hot summer months arrive and ambient temperatures increase, your ACHE may not have the heat duty margins needed to keep production at 100%.  With WATER SPRAY systems mounted under the plenum, you can lower ambient temperature, close to wet bulb temperatures, providing you with an additional 8-12 °F of inlet air temperature reduction. The simplicity and cost effectiveness of this system is perfect for older units struggling during summer months.

Reduce your Dry Bulb Temperatures with Lechler Spray Nozzles and keep your plant process running COOL this summer.

Lechler spray nozzles produce finely atomized droplets for complete evaporation, increasing air humidity in heat exchangers. Using our proprietary AirCoolTM software, Lechler simulates droplet trajectory and distribution modeling to ensure a COOL solution during a HOT Summer


The thermodynamic processes of evaporation are normally applied in air cooling and humidification.

This requires fine droplets that are injected directly into the air/gas stream. Producing suitable droplet size and even distribution over the intake channel are particularly important for a reliable operation and Lechler’s expertise in this area is unmatched in the industry.

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