Lechler understands that when it comes to the descale process of steel production, the right amount of impact plays a critical role. That’s why we offer our new and existing customers a descale impact analysis that:


  • Use State-of-the-Art measurement testing and software
  • Establishs a current descale impact baseline for your process and pinpoint areas of concern
  • Designs new and improved nozzle layouts targeting efficiency and energy savings


The first stage of the descale audit will be our team of engineers analyzing certain factors of your current descale process such as:


  • Water pressure
  • Water available or target flow rate
  • Spray distance or height from the nozzle to the product (both top and bottom)
  • Spray angle and width of the nozzle


Then every Lechler descale nozzle is tested at our state-of-the-art facility lab with multiple heights and pressures. The results are then collected into a matrix that powers our simulation software. The outputs and results simulated are accurate data, which is based on our concrete measurements.

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