New Lechler full cone nozzle series HelixFlow

May 17, 2024

Lechler sets a new standard in the field of spiral full cone nozzles and presents its newly developed HelixFlow series. The spiral nozzle impresses with its robust and maintenance-free design, which makes it ideal for use in flue gas desulphurization, cooling and gas humidification.

With the HelixFlow, the medium is accelerated axially and peeled off on the outside by the spiral. The medium is deflected so that several spray cones are formed, creating a full cone spray pattern. This produces fine droplets and, as a result, a large total surface area of all droplets. The HelixFlow is therefore perfect for cooling and humidification processes, but is also suitable for desulphurization.

Lechler offers the series in high-quality stainless steel 316L as standard - other special materials are also available on request for special applications.

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