Cleaning reactors and other vessels within the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry can be a challenge. These vessels are filled with tough, stubborn liquids and granulated powders, which are  prone to cause tough soils inside tanks and reactors, making them hard to clean. If not properly cleaned your next production batch could be compromised costing you time and money. Here are three reasons to make the switch to an automated process:


Water conservation is an ongoing concern with many industries. Choosing the right tool to clean your vessel will have significant benefits on your water consumption. Switching to rotational spray devices can reduce water/solvent usage by up to 90%. In addition, reduced solvent leads to reduced wastewater disposal cost.



The faster you can clean your vessel and move onto your next production batch the better. The time, disposal cost and energy it takes to fill up a vessel is significant. Rotational nozzles provide better impact, coverage and require less time than manual cleaning. Rotational nozzles are far superior in reducing water consumption, chemical usage and cleaning cycle times. Faster turnaround can help you improve profitability by improving asset utilization.  


Employee safety should always come first and although the traditional method of cleaning tanks is done manually, it can be very dangerous. Today, rotational spray devices have become very popular for cleaning vessels and for a good reason!  These devices can be mounted inside the tank where the process can be automated, so that employees no longer have to climb inside vessels with a pressure washer to clean.  This avoids the risk of anyone falling and injuring himself while inside the vessel. More importantly, with an automated process you can be assured that your cleaning results are accurate every time!  


Lechler offers a wide range of rotational spray devices with various designs and operating principles for different cleaning requirements.  Our nozzles are designed to remove the most difficult soils. Learn how to select the right rotational spray device for your cleaning application.

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Tank Clean Simulation Software

We utilize a tank cleaning simulation software which allows you plan your tank cleaning. To do this, we replicate the tank geometry in the software and then simulate the spraying operation. Operation of all Lechler tank cleaning nozzles can be simulated – from the static spray ball to the high-impact tank cleaning machine. The result of the simulation is documented and provided in a PDF or video file. Simulation with TankClean can already be used as the basis for optimum cleaning in the planning phase of new tanks, but is also suitable for optimizing existing tank cleaning processes.

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