Revolutionize your Metals Process

Lechler nozzles are widely used in metallurgy and gas cooling applications due to their efficiency and versatility. In metallurgy, our nozzles play a crucial role in processes such as continuous casting, descaling, and selective roll cooling.

Gas cooling is another area where Lechler nozzles excel. In industries such as power generation, cement manufacturing, and chemical processing, hot gases need to be rapidly cooled for various purposes, including equipment protection, energy recovery, and environmental compliance. Lechler nozzles are employed to atomize water or other cooling fluids into fine droplets, which are then mixed with the hot gases. This promotes efficient heat transfer and reduces the temperature of the gases to the desired level.

The design features of Lechler nozzles, such as their precision engineering, material durability, and customizable spray patterns, make them well-suited for the demanding conditions encountered in metallurgical and gas cooling applications. Their reliability and performance contribute significantly to the efficiency and productivity of industrial processes in these sectors.


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