Climate protection using mist eliminators in wind turbines

The energy and climate targets for the US, Europe and the entire world are ambitious. Major challenges are ahead of us – but are they achievable? We say: With a great deal of engineering skill and targeted investment, we can make a significant contribution. Because we have developed a sustainable solution for wind turbines, which will play a special role in the energy mix in the future.

Wind turbines and their extreme surrounding environments

It currently takes about seven years for a wind turbine to be set up. Once in operation, it has to meet special technical requirements in addition to converting wind into electrical energy.

Harsh environmental conditions such as rain, snow, dust or moisture have a particularly strong effect on technology and materials. High humidity, in particular, leads to rapid wear of the wind turbines. Therefore, plant engineers are challenged to consider the right materials in advance in order to ensure a particularly long service life for the material and technology of the plant. For example, the rough environmental conditions accelerate the wear of electrical components, which in turn leads to malfunctions in the control system. Corrosion of the components in the nacelle must also be counteracted by foresighted design.

But not only technology and material are affected by humidity: a point that should not be neglected is the protection of service personnel for the maintenance of the wind turbine. This is because humidity favors the proliferation of bacteria and leaves behind slimy surfaces that become slippery danger spots.

To ensure the safety of service personnel and a longer service life of all components in a wind turbine, the use of efficient humidity control is therefore essential.

The smart solution: Lechler mist eliminators in wind turbines

Efficient Lechler mist eliminators are predestined for such demanding applications, because they meet the highest requirements and find a place in modern wind turbines. There, they are used to protect downstream plant components in both onshore and offshore wind turbines. The highlight of Lechler's technology is the effective aeration and cooling of the generators through their ventilation. In addition, these mist eliminators are designed for use at high gas velocities.

The perfect choice: Lechler mist eliminators for optimum results

Lechler mist eliminators are made of stainless steel, aluminum and special polymers for low temperatures. Since wind turbines are exposed to high inflow velocities and the material selection allows for use at extremely low temperatures below freezing, Lechler mist eliminators are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Lechler mist eliminators are designed to deliver the best results in rough weather conditions and air pollution. Their light weight and small dimensions are optimal for small spaces.

Predestined for effective ventilation of generators

Lechler mist eliminator LTV 300

  • Gas flow: Vertical
  • Properties:
    • Highest hydraulic separation capacity
    • Highest separation performance
    • Installation at angles up to 45°
  • Materials: PP, PVDF, PE, stainless steel, special materials
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