Nozzles and nozzle systems play a critical role in descaling applications. The complexity of them requires in depth assembly and mechanical knowledge. Lechler’s Descale Headers are precision engineered and as with any product, these systems wear down over time. When this occurs, detailed assembly and mechanical knowledge are required to effectively refurbish your system.

Led by a team of industry experts, Lechler provides in-house and on-site refurbishment services to prolong the useful life of your nozzles and nozzle systems to ensure maximum efficiency during use.

  • Refurbished header with replaced components
  • Verified and tested system
  • Cost savings
  • Quick turn-around
  • Longer production life


  • Ultrasonic testing to identify weak areas
  • Nozzle wear testing
  • Hydro-static pressure test to 1.5 times the operating pressure to identify and repair leaks
  • Replacing and updating descale nozzles and accessories


As demonstrated above, our custom engineered descale headers are complex and strategically manufactured for intricate applications. When the time comes to refurbish your descale header system, let our team of engineering experts renew and revitalize your system.

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